YHC had been planning this routine for a couple of months. But each for several of his last Q’s, he had backed out due to the moving parts and effort required to load coupons and sand babies into truck and set them up. But, there. was. NO. backing. out. this time!

Dates: 2019-05-18

Where: wartowne

QIC: Pie Bar

Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Geek Squad, Exile, Pop Up, Hard Drive, Dizzy, Drone, Odd Job, Gekko, Rugburn, Ditka, Ice T, Fleetwood, Pie Bar, Stretch Armstrong (FNG)

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Stretch Armstrong

Warm-O-Rama: Long mosey to Bascomb parking lot. 10 SSHs; 10 Imperial Walkers; 10 Weed Pickers; Sun Gods OYO; Michael Phelps OYO; 5 merkins OYO; 5 Copperhead Squats; grab sound cannon; mosey to large hill at front of Bascomb (coined today as Merlot Mountain)

The Thang: Modified M.E.R.C.Y. High Five.

Before meeting with rest of PAX, YHC placed three piles of three "F3/WT" branded coupons at bottom of Merlot Mountain, plus one pile of 3 sand babies. PAX brought coupon stacks up to top of hill. Sand babies remained at bottom. Everyone met back at bottom. PAX divided into 5 groups, one group for each station. Stations were: Blockpee station, Elf on the Shelf station, Rock-a-bye Baby station, Bear Crawl station, and Yolk Walk station. At each coupon station, PAX runs up hill, does 1 rep of the prescribed exercise. Runs down hill. Rinse and repeat, except PAX perform ascending amount of reps to 5 - so 5 trips of up the hill at each station performing reps 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. PAX would wait for each group to finish and all brotate at once. The usual amount of mathematical confusion ensued. But YHC trusted that once we got started, the PAX would get it.

Initiate tunage on sound cannon, and we're off!

YHC began at the blockpee station. Much harder than anticipated, but YHC was grateful that he would not have to hit that station last. Wait for the six, call flutter kicks, planks, etc. Brotate.

Next up: elf on the shelf w/coupon. YHC scoffed at this particular station, but guess what, it was hard!

It was during this set that "Enter Sandman" by Metallica begins. YHC not feeling it. Hit the skip on his apple watch: "Sexy and I Know it" by LMFAO. Just what we needed. Some PAX express discomfort with the idea of this song playing in the front yard of an elementary school. Especially while YHC is full on cihppendale. But, this song is a n undeniable crowd pleaser, so after about 20 seconds, all PAX start to enjoy it. Some dancing ensues at the bottom of the hill in between reps. Then dance planking ensues. Then J-Lo's to the rythm. Drivers going by had to take second and third takes. Brotate.

Next up: Bear Crawls w/ ascending merkin sets at top. Quads were crushed by this time.

Next up: Yolk walk with 40 lb sand baby with ascending squats at top. YHC heavily underestimated the difficulty of this last station, especially following the bear crawls. After fifth set of squats, YHC entertained the idea of log rolling back down the hill as depicted above.

7:49 - thank the Lord! YHC could barely feel his legs.

PAX take coupons and sand babies back to truck. Long mosey back to the flag with walking/running intervals and sound cannon in tow. PAX run strong through a full-on softball tournament with "Panama" by VH blasting, turning heads along the way. Great marketing push!

COT: 6th Man was Popup. He talked of his service in the Navy, the difficulty adjusting back to civilian life, and the great work done by the Hired Heroes group.

FNG - Gekko's younger bro. He shared that he had joined the Army but suffered a broken hip in basic training in a repelling accident. He shared his struggles since being discharged but that he was on the right path now and wants to stay on that path. He is tall, with longer legs and arms than YHC's. He works at a manufacturing facility where he stretches fabrics: Stretch Armstrong it is!

Announcements/Prayers: announcement for this evening's 5k challenge at Veterans. Prayer requests for marital challenges, a quick recovery for Blackhawk, and thanks for bringing Stretch Armstrong to us and that the Sky Q walk with and inspire him.

Blackhawk shows up out of nowhere with donuts - X-Files style! Was great to see that he is recovering well. Of course,

Naked Man Moleskin: Really great work by these men this morning. Everyone really pushed themselves and struggled together. I always know it's a good BD when a measured Drone offers his praise. Stretch reminded me that there are a lot of young men in their 20's who struggle. White men between 25 and 35 are most prone to suicide in our country. Let's seek these men out and help them along!

Odds and Ends:

- Geek Squad is a BEAST. He rucked before this workout, slayed it, and intends to hit the 5k this evening
- Rugburn has an interesting bear crawl technique. He's bent over for sure, but it's almost as if his front paws don't touch the ground ; strange
- Fleetwood added juice to the routine by calling for a variety of different planks between sets. He then called for what seemed like 65 merkins while we were waiting on the six during our mosey back to the flag. Thanks (I think).
- YHC is smoked as he writes this; he hopes the rest of the PAX are too!

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