YHC knows you have heard stories of the legend of an Matchstick / Alcoa beatdown. If you missed it, you probably are experiencing a huge case FOMO and you do not know when this will happen again. Fear not my jealous PAX! this will probably never happen again. Yep! you missed it, and frankly, Matchstick is not impressed. YHC guesses even though you missed out, and will probably always wish you would of been there, YHC will let you know what happened:

Dates: 2019-08-31

Where: hurt_locker

QIC: Alcoa

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Rest Stop, Geppetto, Lively, Matchstick, Legionnaire, Voodoo, SallyRide

Warm-O-Rama: Matchstick took the first half and had us do some sprints or something, some weed pickers, and some weird attempt to replicate a warm-up from the growruck. Too bad HE DIDN'T GO to the growruck, weak sauce, anyways on to the BD

The Thang: 4-Corners / Hour Glass
YHC must admit this was a great modification to make the Typical Matchstick 4-corners suck more.
Corner 1: 25 Merkens
Karaoke Diagonal
Middle: 5 Burpees
Finish Karaoke to Corner 2
Corner 2: LBC
Bear Crawl to Corner 3
Squats on Corner 3
Backwards Run to Middle
Middle: 5 Burpees
Finish Backwards Run to Corner 4
Backward Bear Crawl to Corner 1
Repeat 3 times

Well that sucked. Matchstick would say YHC sandbagged this half but truth be told, he just is stronger then me.


Well it is Week 0 of Iron Pax, so lets finish with Week 0 2018 style
at the Goal Line, do 50 Hand Release Merkins
100 Yard Bear Crawl
at the other Goal Line, do 50 more Hand Release Merkins
Finish with a 100 Yard Bear Crawl Back

With 10 Min to spare, back to the flag for Sprints.
Now that I might explode, lets finish with some Mary

COT: Prayers for the Pax and the family's from Creekview.

Naked Man Moleskin: It was never a who won BD but because Matchstick REFUSES to do a Backblast, it is Obvious that YHC is taking the win. Now that YHC won, there may never be a Matchstick / Alcoa BD again. If you have FOMO, YHC understands, you should. All you had to do ('Homeboy') is make your way back to the one and only HURT LOCKER.

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