Kiffin had a dream and together we planned out the lung buster figure 8 beatdown…….

Arrived early under National Weather Advisory DENSE FOG and marked out the course…..

surprisingly The Mole was present for a lonely prelude playing by himself.

Dates: 2019-10-28

Where: wicked_witch

QIC: Kiffin & Hombre

Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Gandhi, Quagmire, Garfield, Almost, MaBell, Manning, Mickey, Odd Job, C4, The Mole, Cricket, Kiffin, Hombre

Cody and Casey

FNG Names: Floppy’s Ghost

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey to the Pull Up bars for 2 rounds of 10 count:
- Mountaineer Climbers on Bar
- Mountain Climbers
Mosey over yellow bridge to the field and to the convergence of White at the northern most corner of the Barn Field.

The Thang: We separated into two fairly even crews to attack the figure 8 course (approx 3/4 mile). Instructions we’re given to run Balls to the Walls and first compete team to cross the line would have the lesser of the punishing exercise.

Rinse and repeat on same course.

Tie breaker course modified to include Big Blue. Gandhi and Mickey disbanding from the course are lost and somehow MaBell joins them with his dog bite wound.

COT: Prayers for Mickey’s cousin’s wife passed suddenly from a brain aneurysm leaving 3 kids and hubby. Express your love to your loved ones - we never know how much time we have on this side of eternity.

Gandhi challenge to rid ourselves from the sins that so easily entangle us and to live in such a way that honors Christ. Confess those sins...

Naked Man Moleskin: With the top racers ready from each team, the challenge was out. Who will win? Who can’t handle the pressure? Shocking that each top dog was not the ones we thought would be there. Certainly at the speeds registered this morning, Homeboy would not be a victor.

These races will have to persist and a 5k course will be laid out for a future The Witch 5K Classic. Who will obtain the title? Get training!

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