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Dates: 2019-06-26

Where: pineapple_express

QIC: Lucky Charms

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Floppy, Geeksquad, Manning, Harddrive, Popup, Oddjob, LuckyCharms

FNG Names: N/A

Warm-O-Rama: Clock strikes go time and we mosey. YHC leads the group to the gravel road out front and as we approach the 89 degree hill I hear a holy smokes what is this from the pax. Up the hill, circle up and quick disclaimer to the group that YHC might be a bit slow today after taking a nasty spill at WW Monday .

Copperhead Squats, Slow weed pickers , Phelps and sun gods OYO and finish with imperial walkers.

The Thang: Straight running. Down the concrete path, around the ball field and a hard right turn to the dirt. Run to the back of the woods, right turn and stop when your feet get wet. 25 Merkins OYO. Back on the trail, across the log and stop when the trail looks to stop. 40 squats OYO. Back on the trail - time for something new to entertain the gazelles. Pop off the trails and onto the street at the bridge. Fastholes go right up the monster hill to the stop sign and back. Left hill for the slower pax. Rally back at the bridge, plank for the 6. 5 minutes left and we are about 8 minutes from the flag. Whoops. Double time thru the trails, as we reach the end, YHC directs the pax to the gravel trail and sends them on their way to the flag. Rally at flag, a few minutes over time. That’s fine - I’ll just take the few extra minutes Fleetwood leaves on the table when he Qs.

COT: Prayed for all the unspoken thoughts weighing on our hearts. For all F3 men and their families.

Announcements - July 4th, July 6th, July 12th, July 13th

Family traditions this Friday - 6am

Naked Man Moleskin: First month at the Pineapple is in the books. 4 Qs and a new AO. Feels official now. Just need to work on the flag and keep stepping up my coffee game. shout out to hard drive and pop up for hitting the Pineapple and getting outside their comfort zone and hitting F3 3 days in a row. Oddjob and Geeksquad - what can I say, you are always there for me and I hope our relationships grows stronger this year. And to our other guests - Manning and Floppy, your visit meant a lot to me. Thanks for joining in the fun and being such great F3 role models. I push harder because I see what you two can do. Thank you!

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