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Dates: 2019-11-04

Where: clinic

QIC: Hooch

Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: AOL, Gotti, Careless Whisper, Band Camp, Homer, Double Deuce, Foosball, Piccolo, Saluki, Gut Check, Flo, Nesquick, Hooch

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey the big loop - perimeter of the amphitheater plus the Park and City Center. Circle up by the aquatic center roundabout for windmills, SSH, and dancing bears in cadence.

The Thang: Escalator from 1 Burpee to 11 Burpees (inspired by the arrival of November, the 11th month, also the amp that goes all the way to 11 in This is Spinal Tap), run a 1/10 mile lower amphitheater lap in between reps. We awaited the six each round with BBS, to start getting the core ready for the second routine. The PAX were cooked to perfection in the "low and slow" Clinic crock pot this morning, from 1 burpee with fresh legs all the way up to steaming hot, 11 laps in, smoking through 11 burpees, and plenty of BBS for the gazelles. Yes, I'm going with this interpretation, Gut Check.

Finished the morning with a hard-core reverse Dora, which was initiated with such scant instructions, I can hardly believe it went down so well. These dudes know their stuff down here at the Clinic, and YHC did not have to tell them to partner up - they just intuitively nailed the routine. First lap for each partner is the big, outter loop, and all successive laps the small, inner loop. All core exercises, because we don't do enough ab work, and because who doesn't want a hard core? 300 LBCs, then seasoned with 200 Flutter Kicks, and finished with 100 4-count American Hammers. Perfectly-timed, like a master home-chef with a good slow-cooker recipe.

COT: We lifted up our brother, and this morning's sixth man, Double Deuce, as he and his dad move ahead with life after the passing of his mom. DD is a pilot, a gloom-stud, and the father of TWO SETS OF TWINS plus one! Wow. We are also praying for a family who is wrestling with the sorrow of an incarcerated father/husband, as well as for Baby Band Camp.

Naked Man Moleskin: I hate burpees, because they make me feel like an 86-year-old with emphysema. So we did 66 of them this morning, hoping to get stronger and better.

My knees think I'm three times as old as I am, so we pushed the running distance up to just under my stated limit of 3 miles.

Men need to work together to maximize their effectiveness and their enjoyment of the task at hand, so we stayed together this morning, as a pack or with a partner.

Invite an FNG out with you next time you post. This is not about you, but there's nothing better than seeing someone benefit from this awesome thing we call F3, just like you have. Well, maybe the only thing better is seeing them start inviting FNG's, too...

For some reason that shall go without mentioning, the myriad analogical applications of "slow cooking" have been on my mind all day. They played out well for us in the gloom, which is apparently right in line with how YHC's Q's tend to go. And I think they apply equally as well to the life God is calling us to in Christ. If you find yourself at a point in life where you need a change, who better to go to than the One who made you and who sustains you every moment of every day? He won't just change a few things, but He might just change a few things at a time. Kind of like a roast in a slow cooker. The end result, like that perfect pot roast brought up to temp over the course of an entire day, will leave the world a better place, having been graced with another good man, transformed by the grace and truth of the Living God. Let's reach out to our brothers, in and out of the gloom this week, and spur one another on to take hold of that which is life indeed. Let's ask tough questions and listen for honest answers. And let's look for more men in our circle of influence who need F3.

Thankful for you men.

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