YhC has been wanting to go swimming all summer, might as well bring some pool toys.

Dates: 2019-07-06

Where: ruck

QIC: Aquaman

Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Aquaman, Hooch, Lively, Ironman

Warm-O-Rama: No warm up grab logs and ruck since gate was locked. I guess our warm up was going waist dee into the river

The Thang: Partner up carry logs wxsessive distances, up stairs, through water while stopping to do exercises.

1. We started waist deep in water
2. We crossed the river obviously and back.
3. Hooch knows everything about nature
4. Lively got hit by a flying fish (Hooch says it was a carp)
5. We saw some HUGE bullfrogs
6. Iron man can’t turn off his light
7. The hill back up the parking lot sucked some donkey dong

Naked Man Moleskin: 4 Rucker’s killed it in Woodstock. Ironman still learning the ropes but still saying he’s gonna do growruck.
3 miles with logs not bad. Not bad at all

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