The PAX were not expecting to start off the beatdown with picking up garbage in the parking lot of Paragon, but I think everyone was glad they did.

Dates: 05/16/2019

Where: paragon

QIC: Patrick Burt

Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Panhandle, Grylls, Tebow, Preacher, Almost, Elvis, Matchstick, Backseat Boy, Tinder, Tallyman, Pink Panther

Warm-O-Rama: Long mosey around the parking lot followed by some Side Straddle Hop, Weed Pickers, Imperial Walkers, and Sun Gods.

The Thang: We started the beat down with a little act of service. As most of you know, Paragon parking lot is usually completed nasty and covered with irresponsible high schooler garbage all over the parking lot. Decided to take 15 minutes and clean some of that up to leave our AO better than we found it. I think the PAX started out skeptical of it but I feel everyone ended up thinking it was okay. We partnered up and while one partner was picking up trash, the other partner was running up the stairs, 20 Merkins, run back down, 20 Big Boy Sit ups. Then they would go find their partner and tag and switch. In pretty short order, we had that parking lot looking pretty good. Good job men!

We then tossed the garbage bags in the dumpster so as to "feed the dumpster fire" and headed on down to the football field. We set up on the goal line for some Merkin Ladder. Start off with 20 merkins, sprint to the 50, 19 Merkins, sprint back to the goal line, 18 Merkins, sprint back to the 50, 17 Merkins......... You get the idea. This took way longer and sucked way worse than I thought it would so abandoned ship on that at the 10 count and lined back up at the goal line for a little PAX rail road tie. Two lines, first guy in line runs to the 10 and planks out, second guy in line jumps over him and planks at the 20, third guy in line runs and jumps over both and planks at the 30, and so on. We took this all the way down the field then headed up to the top of the bleachers.

Arrive at the top of the visitor's side bleachers and we found our garbage partner again. Goal was to knock out 300 dips on the bleachers. One partner does dips while the other partner was carefully but speedily traversing up and down the bleachers and when finished, would relieve the partner and pick on dips where they left off. 300 dips and lots of bleacher steps later, mission accomplished.

We then headed back down to the field, lined up on the goal line and finished up with an apple turnover down to the 50 and back to the goal line: bear crawl to the 10, switch to crab walk to the 20, switch to bear crawl to the 30, rinse and repeat to the 50 and on back to the goal line.

We headed back up for about 60 seconds of Mary and then wrapped things up!

COT: Backseat Boy was the six man and shared that his folks are trying to find a house and move closer to he and his wife and children. Asked fo prayers that they are able to find a house. Tebow offered to sell him his...... Like for real....

A few reminders and announcements and we brought it in.

Naked Man Moleskin: Thanked God for this group of men and for the fellowship, accountability, and comradely that come along with F3 that has proven to be such a blessing for all of us.

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