Well the 1st Annual WW camping knoodle-fest was not meant to be…but that didn’t mean we couldn’t still have some fun, right? And by fun, I mean mostly by laughing at Kiffy boy and his 6″ orthotic lift shoes and the 14 sweaters he was wearing…and the gloves….and the buff.

Dates: 2019-11-04

Where: wicked_witch

QIC: Manning

Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Ma Bell, Garfield, The Mole, Law Dog, Kiffin, Hombre, Manning, Almost, Cricket, Titlemax, Homeboy, Mickey, Floppy

Warm-O-Rama: Waited on Crickety and explained the rules...

The Thang: Count off by three's
Group up
Group with longest distance covered, wins

Each group must start out in a different direction
Each person must complete 30 pull ups
Each group must go up Big Blue 2x
Groups must stay together

Report back at 05:30

COT: Prayers for our grieving family and friends, for Almost who asked for prayer for direction and discernment, and for those who may be suffering silently and need a friend to reach out and check in.

Naked Man Moleskin: Well I stayed up too late watching my beloved Pats get demolished by the Ravens so I was pretty groggy, and forgot my watch...which was kinda an important part of today's extravaganza. Also, I was counting on my "Apple" mileage bonus...

HB misses The Mole's pre-run where he ran 3.0 miles. Nervous tummy strikes again.

Cricket says he's going to be late, and isn't. Attention seeker.

Kiffin is off in the corner adding layer after layer. It's 35 degrees out. Now he's opening a handi-heat. And putting on his Freaky Freeze gloves and Moon Boots. Hey a unicorn and a rainbow!

I like my group. We got this. Even if we didn't speak to each other for 45 straight minutes...

Big loop for us to snag some easy downhill distance before taking on Big Blue. Cruise up BB only to find Lawdog laying frozen on the side amongst the oxygen bottles, flags, and dismembered sherpas. Yikes, but at least EL HOMBRE appeared to be making the descent back to pay his respects.

TM orders us to get the pull ups out of the way and is doing a great job updating us with our mileage status. Kiffin is trying to say something, but it's a bit...well...muffled.

Rip out the pull ups and thankfully we're done* with those for the day. Head back to the big easy loop again and the flat badlands where the muck and the mire take no prisoners. Apparently this is where Cricket "lost" a shoe and fell behind a bit.

I must admit I was a little disappointed in trip #2 up BB when I looked back and saw my team taking the rope tow up.

And even more shocked and saddened when TM revealed that we needed to head back to do 15 more pull ups. Wait, is that Lawdog? It's a miracle!! They must have slit open Kiffin's layers and put him in there - like they did to that animal in star wars. I loved that scene as a kid.

Still time for another big loop but Kiffin barks at us to run down the road and back where we happened to notice Team HB/TM in complete disarray. Automatic DQ for separating from each other. But they were with Lawdog and MaBell, so I get it.

everyone starting to return and run awkward laps around the parking lot for the final 30 seconds.

Ma Bell seems pretty upset about his team and their performance. He's inconsolable at the moment.

Floppy ran with a steel plate bolted to his cryo-frozen foot

Almost doesn't like me anymore

Cricket is a CoT assassin.

Garffy boy needs some new Prime Rib material

UD just stood there drooling

Mickey was wearing his GamGam's knitted cap from the 70's.

The Mole ran 3.0 miles more than everyone else

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