Nothing witty today, it was raining and we ran

Dates: 2019-10-16

Where: morningwood

QIC: Misty

Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Red Hat, Homeboy, Manning, C4, Grylls, Misty

Warm-O-Rama: Even with cooler temperatures and rain we still weren't wasting time with a warm up, we show up ready to go

The Thang: Head down Gaddis to Greyfield, all the way to the back, up and over the massive hill. Head back to Gaddis and up Mt. Gaddis to Grand Oaks. Still with plenty of time and not having had enough of 2 of the worst hills in the neighborhood, we went into Grand Oaks down the hill to the pool and back up another one of the worst hills. Head back toward the start and with any extra time the Gazelles could take off down Hailey Farms. Back up Gaddis to the flag to finish right on time. 4.73 miles for YHC with some of the leaders getting in over 5.

COT: Thankful for getting out in the gloom and for having F3 in our lives. Prayers for those going through marital issues right now. We all experience the valleys, but have to remember the peaks and what it takes to get back there. F3QSource had a good post yesterday about "helping" the M with chores. If you ever get down when you aren't recognized for "helping" out just remember that you're not really "helping". Instead you are being a partner and sharing the responsibilities for washing the dishes you helped eat off of, washing the clothes you helped dirty, cleaning the floors you helped walk on, taking care of the kids you helped create, etc, etc. Praise her for all she does and chip in without expectation of anything in return!

Naked Man Moleskin: Grylls paid his first visit to MorningWood, welcome. We took on 4 of the top 5 hills in Woodmont, which is no small feat. C4 shared the witty bedroom banter that takes place in his abode and we learned yet another new word from this linguisic spin master. Just don't be surprised next time Homeboy is insistent on naming the newest FNG knoodle at all costs. Congrats to Red Hat for hitting his F3versary! A round of OJ for the fellas and we called it a day. Don't forget about the convergence this Saturday with the M's and 2.0s for some Halloween fun. Until next time, Misty out!

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