What is this? A kettelbell for ants??!!

Dates: 2019-12-30

Where: apex


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: EXILE, Brady Bunch, Geek Squad, Maaco, Snot Rocket, Yukon Cornelius, DEPENDS

Warm-O-Rama: 0500 Pre-Run for EXILE, Maaco, and YHC
Short Mosey to circle up by the cars.
Weed Pickers - slow, like nature intended them to be
Mt. Man Poopers - most, including YHC, experienced some virtigo during these
Imperial Walkers
Sun Gods

The Thang: Grabbed the medicine ball for a short indian run down the parking lot at a slow jogging pace to keep things ADA compliant. Navigation was good and we proved we could "walk and chew gum at the same time".

Dropped the medicine ball and lined up for some Kettle Bear Crawls (now known as KBC's) at which point Geek Squad channelled Derek Zoolander and suggested that the this was a kettle for ants and that it needed to be at least "three times bigger than this!" We then bear crawled in a line, passing the kettle to our neighbor every five steps, across the parking lot to the next event.

Am I a mind reader? Maybe. The next station we circled up around a kettle that was exactly "three times bigger" and each took a turn leading the PAX in a list of exercises while performing 12 kettle cleans on each arm. The man in the middle got to choose one from the list and therefor avoid and/or punish the others as he saw fit. Brady Bunch immediately jumped at the chance to avoid the 24 Burpees.

The list - Burpees, Merkins, SSH, High Plank, Low Plank, Hallelujah Air Squats, Mt. Climbers, Big Boy Sit-ups

Next was another KBC across the parking lot - no dissing the baby kettle this time around......

We gathered at the raccoon wall for for bent-over rows. Each man took a turn doing 12 reps with the right arm while the PAX held a "mission impossible" (think Ethan Hunt facedown with arms and legs outstretched not touching the ground) We then swapped to rows on the left arm while the PAX performed dying roaches until all had their 12 reps in. Finished the wall work with 16 dips.

Thinking we had mastered the art of the Indian Run, we began making our way back around the parking lot picking up our coupons to return to the flag....we were wrong. The indian run turned into an indian-yard-sale-free-for-all that included the baby kettle, 30lb kettle, medicine ball, and the paper weight rock YHC had used to keep the list from blowing away. The line morphed into an amoeba on the home stretch, but all out knicknacks arrived safely at the flag.

Finished off with 8+ minutes of mary in the soggiest grass we could find. Everyone contributed, but Yukon Cornelius' crunchy frogs were a highlight here.

COT: Prayers for Sherapovas M. who begins treatment tomorrow. We went around the circle and stated a faith goal for 2020, most mentioned reading the Bible more, more time for personal prayer, more time for praying with and/or conversation with our M's.

Naked Man Moleskin: I joined F3 back in October in order to prepare for my bike race this coming Saturday. I had no clue that I would find such quick fellowship or that I would be leading exercises myself. F3 was not something that was on my radar at the beginning of 2019, I can only imagine what God has in store for me (and Us) in 2020 !

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