Low number, no coffee, no problem

Dates: 2019-12-30

Where: kodiak

QIC: Lucky charms

Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Law Dog, Dig’em, Woody, Legionnaire, Twiggy, Dory, Danica, LuckyCharms

Number of FNGs: O

FNG Names: N/A

Warm-O-Rama: Short mosey
Windmills 7
Weed pickers 6

The Thang: Decathalon - OYO

200m run
100yard bear crawl
Mile run
100 Dips
50 BBS
100 yard Broad Jumps
75 Merkins
Metal Mountain - up and down 4X
100 SSH
50 Burpees

COT: Prayers for Twiggys friends who lost their lives
Woody’s family members
Lawdog’s Grandma
Lucky a kids and wife

Naked Man Moleskin: Figured Qing the week ending 2019 and beginning 2020 would light the fire under me I needed. With a sick household at home F3 has been on hold for me. I’d like to say it was great to visit the Kodiak today but I won’t. Ha!
Showed up a bit early and was worried the place was empty.

Legionnaire rolled out of his car in some type of rain gear and yawning a lot.

Next in was Dory, who managed to plant a solid flag but didn’t advise us till after the beatdown we had no coffee.

The next 4 fellas all seemed to come in on 2 wheels and we were off.

Twiggy needed a few extra beauty winks and strolled in after the warm up

Dig em finished the decathlon which was no surprise since he’s 16 and weighs 92 lbs.

Woody probably was close to finishing but probably was slowed down by lawdogs constant mumble chatter and breathing on his neck.

Haven’t seen Danica in a bit and apparently he’s either now moonlighting in the adult film industry or joined the Vermont state patrol and drinking liters of cola with Farva

And then there was Lawdog.

That’s all folks!

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