When Grylls “slacked” me yesterday to remind me that I had Q today, panic ensued. Then I remembered an age old adage, “Keep it Simple, Stupid”. With that in mind, I planned a workout with 2 exercises. Burpees, Merkins. And if time permits, I’ll add a third (Flutter Kicks)

Dates: 2019-02-12

Where: paragon

QIC: Ma Bell

Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Tebow, Woody, Dingus, Chisel, Almost, Garfield, Grylls, Tinder, Ma Bell

Number of FNGs: 1


Warm-O-Rama: 16 SSHs IC
10 Windmills IC
Sun Gods OYO

The Thang: Mosey across the parking lot, up the stairs, around the old Dean Rusk Building (officially known as SQUEAST - Sequoyah East) to the bus lanes. There are 17 bus lanes behind SQUEAST all nicely numbered. Here's the breakdown.
From Starting Lane (Lane 0) run to lane 17, do 17 Burpees
Run back to 0, do 10 Merkins.
Run to 16, do 16 Burpees
Back to 0, do 10 Merkins.
Repeat the pattern, decreasing the lane number by 1 each time until you reach Lane 1.

Wow, that was hard, really hard. Garfield and Grylls took an early lead and maintained it throughout. (T-claps, fellas)

Early finishers adhered to our "Leave no man" mantra and joined the six.

A little time left over so... Ring of Fire featuring... Flutter Kicks! This is beginning to be my Go-To suck exercise. Pax circle up, one man leads with 20 flutter kicks while the remaining PAX hold their legs straight out at six inches. After pax completes 20, on to the next man in the circle while other pax hold 6. Continue until the circle is complete.

Totals for the day...
20 flutter kicks, 9 holding 6
153 Burpees
170 Merkins

Plus any extras you did picking up the six. Good Job, Men!

COT: Prayers for a friend of Garfield who recently joined f3 and is in need of discipleship. Prayers for our families and marriages.

Naked Man Moleskin: My favorite part of the beatdown is Coffeteria. Coffeteria is a time of reflection and fellowship and it where the magic truly happens. What did we learn today in Coffeteria? Well, Tinder has questionable parenting skills. Garfield's pets love to, how do I say this? Actually, I won't say it. Tebow loves Mexican Food, but we all must pay the price. Especially those of us downwind. And although he didn't stay for coffee, our FNG (AARP) told us of his retirement plans. Just 35-40 more years to go AARP, stay the course!

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