YHC had the honor of Qing at the new AO, El Phoenix. Complete with a great area for beatdowns and plenty of soap/water for dirty mouths.

Dates: 2019-10-24

Where: phoenix

QIC: Panhandle

Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Mudflap, Woody, Aquaman, Geppetto, Panhandle

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey, SSH, Slow WPs, MtnMPs, MPs

The Thang: Butkus' 1 min
Burpee circle - 3 rounds (move feet, high knees, a$% kickers)
Backwards Run then sprint
Butkus - 10 incline merkins - resume Butkus'
Contra Burpees up to 10 (add a merkin into every burpee you do each round)
Mosey - side shuffle
Butkus' - 10 incline merkins - Butkus' - 10 decline merkins - Butkus'
Mosey to grass
Fire Drills - 2 rounds
Mosey to steps - 80 Johnny Dramas
Mosey back to curb - short butkus
Captain Thor's - up to 10
SSH x50 - 10 merkins
SSH x80 - 10 merkins
SSH x70 - 10 merkins
Finish with 20 burpees, high plank at the end, plank surrenders x5, time

COT: Geppetto and Mudflap share 6th man style
11/16 Love not Lost event
League launching Saturdays!!
Prayers for us as men to be strong, not in our own power, but in His power

Naked Man Moleskin: Love that the Phoenix is up and running. Great to have another 5AM option in the North.
Lawdog refused to come because his mustache chafes in the cold and the Mole is avoiding me at the League and now at an AO near his home 😉
Great to meet Mudflap - props for posting multiple times on your first week!
Aquaman really hates the Falcons and his hamstring - and made us well aware of that
Woody, for some reason beyond me, doesn't enjoy when I call a few rounds left during Contra Burpees and Captain Thor's
Funk sounds a lot like something else in Rage Against the Machine's Renegades of Funk song. El Phoenix has a swear jar or sorts and the deposit is 10 merkins/burpees each curse word, because...church grounds...not getting into that. Aquaman and Geppetto were gleefully counting each use of "funk" in the song up for penalties against YHC. YHC patiently explained phonics and lyrical theory to them, which they both grudgingly accepted. YHC did say a$$ when explaining that we were going to call these "butt kickers" instead of "a$$ kickers" because we are at the Phoenix, to which they did not relent on the penalty - threatening to quit the beatdown altogether if YHC did not deposit his 10 merkins at the end into the mystical swear jar. This became all the more important when the Sky Q demanded justice for YHC's filthy language during the SSHs at the end. Aquaman pointed too eagerly at YHC, instantly blaming YHC for the horrendous act that occurred. Just thankful to still be here...we're all still here...we're all still here...

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