Since YHC basically lived in front of a computer 72 hours straight this past weekend, it was time get back out in the gloom and work out all of that stress!

Dates: 2019-09-18

Where: kodiak

QIC: Dory

Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Swisher, Lyft, Twiggy, Hasbro, Deep Dish, Tye Die, Toto, Red Sauce, Voo Doo, Legionaire, The Mole, Dory

Warm-O-Rama: Headed to Creekland for some SSH's, Windmills, Hill Billies, and (Zillow's signature exercise)...Sun Gods!

The Thang: This was a Legionaire inspired beatdown for sure as there was a good bit of indian running BUT there was no KC! PAX lined up for 2 laps around the middle school in an indian run. After all PAX cycled through we circled for some fun and then lined back up. Exercises included burpees, american hammers, copperhead squats, copperhead merkins, monkey humpers and a couple more I cant remember. After 2 laps we lined up in the bus lanes for 2 laps of "Catch me if you can". PAX partnered up and one dropped for 3 burps while the other took off on a backwards run. First PAX then sprints to catch their partner and they swap. Swisher led some mary while waiting on the 6 (i.e. YHC) and we headed to the benches. Did some bulgarian split squats, dips, incline merkins, and step ups. Headed back to the flag for 6MOM.

COT: Prayers for Lyfts Dad and his computer woes. Prayers for Totos friend diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Prayers for all F3 brothers on the DL and all those traveling next week during break.

Naked Man Moleskin: Back has been sore but Tinder has been taking good care of me. Got adjusted Tuesday night so felt great to get out and lead a beatdown this morning. Notable points... (1) Legionaire striking a "Don Bailey Flooring" pose prior to startex! (2) The Mole showing up with towels and trash bags...was secretly hoping he would detail all of our cars during the beatdown! (2) Lyft running in to meet up with us during warm-o-rama...good for you! (3) Swisher jealous that Dory got to hold the speaker! (4) Deep Dish with a solid cadence count during 6MOM...I smell a VQ in his near future! (5) Great work by all the PAX!

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