With YHC being up at 1am using everything that had a drain in my bathroom to seek some relief, YHC was contemplating on asking other PAX to step up and take a short notice Q. But NO this is F3, YHC had to show up not for me but the men that would be coming out.

Dates: 2019-10-03

Where: phoenix

QIC: Geppetto

Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: The Mole, LawDog, Pitchfork, Woody, Snap-On, Panhandle, Aquaman, Geppetto

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey around the side of the church to the overhang.

10x Windmills
10x Copperhead Squats
Michael Phelps OYO

Mosey over to the start point for our 'fun'

The Thang: So, The Wicked Witch has Big Blue, The Happy Jack has Easy Mountain, its only fitting that YHC finds something special at this new AO. Enter in 'The Ramp' (yup, we didnt vote on it, the name never came up once but YHC is naming it)

Dora 1-2-3
100x Carolina Dry Docks
200x Squats
300x Flutter Kicks

Typical Dora Partner 1 begins exercise while partner 2 runs to the halfway point of the hill (the bottom was too dark and too close to the road), where at this halfway point YHC expertly placed a shining Boruit to illuminate....Cinder Blocks. With IPC in the past and all the training the PAX had with the blocks we couldnt let that go to waste. Partner 2 will arrive at the blocks for 1 overhead press, yes only 1. Partner 2 runs back up and switchs with Partner 1 at the last count that was completed. YHC foresees some terrible things planned around this hill.

Mary for the 6 called by Panhandle (American Hammers?)

Mosey over to 'Fun' section 2 where YHC placed 4 cards (4 rounds) at opposite corners for a Jack in the Box routine. Each card has a rep count and a 'jack' exercise along with a movement to the next corner. Cards were as follows:
SSH, Plank Jacks, Chilly Jacks (found this one in the exicon), Crab Jacks, Fairy Jacks (ask Lawdog for a demo), Happy Jacks, Seal Jacks (please also ask Lawdog for a demo), Smurf Jacks.

The movements associated with the cards were : Run, Lunge, Bear Crawls, and Broad (bunny hops).

There was mumbling about the bear crawl distance, YHC may ahve placed the wrong at this corner but just do it. Half way through to slow the PAX down a little YHC lead a 1-5 Jack Webbs in the center of the box. A few modifications so YHC doesnt let loose everything being held inside (If you cant do it don't Q it)

ended up missing the last 2 cards at the final corners, but the mission was a success.

Mosey back to the, oh wait, YHC hasnt made the flag yet...... Just circle up.

COT: Lots of announcements, Spartan runners this weekend (F3 and 2.0's), Bear race.

Woody has an awesome 2nd F/3rd F event being held at Tally Mans house. Check slack for more details.

Prayers for health and recovery for some of our PAX, 2.0's, M's. Also prayers to bring the men of F3 the strength and knowledge to get better plugged into the community for volunteer work.

Be on the lookout for HLOH help at Veterans and Hobb Good parks this year. More info to come soon.

Naked Man Moleskin: So YHC forgot the blocks at the ramp and The Mole picked them up so graciously for YHC, jokes on him those are Chitwoods blocks.
Alcoa backed out late last night for posting today, then the PAX sees a headlmap coming towards us...."Its Alcoa, not wait Alcoa doesn't run" - Anonymous.

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