Feeling nostalgic, and we celebrate nostalgia in ‘Merica with Cake

Dates: 2019-10-12

Where: woodstockrucks

QIC: Secret

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Driftwood, Mouth-2-Mouth, Daddy Daycare, Careless Whisper, Gut Check, Hooch, Secret

Warm-O-Rama: Show up! Honorable
Mentions for our brethren with Native Flu, traveling mercies, etc. Gut Check got Driftwood fitted with a ruck.

The Thang: Let’s go!

Feeling nostalgic today, so it was about getting back to roots. I paced the route yesterday and knew *where* I wanted to go, but the Slack chatter really set the theme.

Going the distance; going for speed! However, nobody was alone because this is F3!

Go fast and turn left, and out of the Amphitheater parking lot we did. I started rucking when WR was still a preruck before Chatterbox. I was missing the old neighborhood and thought it was time to revisit. Off to Dupree we go! Arnold Mill made for a great straightaway where we could book time, so we did. Hung a right on Washington and down through the old neighborhood. Gave that fateful hill on Franklin the side-eye and kept going. The PAX were spared today. Hit Neese, and trucked it to Dupree Park. Took one victory lap around the track. Was called out for not completing quite a full loop, but hats OK, there was more in store. Back to Arnold mill. Turn left, and go fast. Back to the amphitheater.

Twelve minutes left, so up the hill we continue to the park. Paid homage to the F3/FIA Scarecrows, and a couple short donut laps around the fountain. Now we can have a nice easy cool down walk back to the shovel flag. Nope, too much time still remains. layer cake it is!! Wow. Those stairs really sucked, and pretty sure I was lost. After a few changing layers, the PAX are all looking at their watches. Time to change up again, we need to finish strong. Speed lap OYO around the back parking lot and back to the shovel flag - air chair for the Six. (Porcelain chair if you must)

Nice work men! You clocked 4.59mi with a 16.4” overall pace. Believe I learned a new word today too. “So-wetty”

COT: Prayers for Myron and Jaden as their home situ evolve in the next two weeks. Prayers for PAX that are injured and sick(and their families) and traveling mercies for others.

Naked Man Moleskin: Life is busy and fleeting, and if we don’t pay attention we will miss it. Today was a good reminder, that as we hurry through life, carrying heavy burdens, it is important to surround ourselves with men that will support us through whatever storms are thrashing us or raging around us. Go forth and have a great Saturday. It was an honor to begin my day with you. Thank you for the privilege of leading you. #ISI #livethird

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