SCHOOL_of_RUCK gets a water day fun day, unfortunately, there was no rain so I had to improvise. At the PAX request, we bumped up the workout from 2 hours to 3 hours, I really didn’t notice.

Dates: 2019-07-06

Where: ruck

QIC: Bloodhound

Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Exile, Dixie Chick, The Mole, C4, Westside, Pitchfork (FNG), Grylls, Danica, Fudd, Geppetto, Isle7, Pelosi, Einstien

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Pitchfork

Warm-O-Rama: Started out with a quick ruck around the loop with the sandbags in tow

The Thang: Next, we did a Mary of 10 reps as each pax called the cadence and hosed down the rest of the group. Yes, I said hosed down with water while everyone did the exercise in the grass.
We did two cycles of this one at the beginning and one at the end of the workout.
We did a tunnel of love with rucks
We did a round of Butt's Ta Nut's and passed all of our gear front to back to front, sandbags included
We also did a tunnel of love passing the three 60LBS around the circle of love.
Oh, Hi.
Q-What's your name?
A-Travis, This is my first time
Q-errr, So you are an FNG, who brought you out?
A-Someone yelled at me from a car and said F3, you should look them up! So I did and here I am.
Q-So you thought you would start with a THREE HOUR (BLOODHOUND) workout?
A-I thought I was doing the pre-workout and I saw you guys so I joined.
FNG asked the guy next to him (AFTER laying down and getting squirted by the hose) Are you F3?
Awesome!! so we walked over to the logs and covered the disclaimer for him and got back to it
We picked up three logs and took a lap around the track (under 20 min)
We then picked up our logs and sandbags, broke up into our three groups and took a lap flipping our logs and throwing our bags.
We completed the lap and loaded the trailer with time for one full round of Mary under the hose again.

COT: Thoughts and prayers out to all those travelling and away from their home base. We all spoke in turn about what we are thankful for which included Families, Friends, And the Brothership we have here.
Prayers for Scully

Naked Man Moleskin: 5AM is a great time to be outside. The workout today felt really good. I like that full body "WORKED" feeling you get when you do something really physical. Not the "Crap, I just through out my shoulder feeling" but the "I worked really hard and I can feel it" feeling. I'm sure everyone but maybe Westside can relate. I want to let everyone know that's actually reading this BB that I am honored to know every single one of you and I really enjoy the time spent working out with you or running in an event (CSAUP) with you. It's really great when I can talk some of you into the really tough ones, COUGH COUGH Spartan Ultra 2020 COUGH, cause it gives me something to work toward and someone to work with. Again, except for Westside who just shows up and CRUSHES it, right Homeboy? #noexcuses

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