With Chops out of town, He asked me to step up and Q the RR. With An hour long ruck, starting at 5:15am (NOT 5AM HASBRO), we had time to have a little fun.

Dates: 2019-07-03

Where: rattlesnake_riviera

QIC: Alcoa

Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Hasbro, MatchStick, Dixie Chick, Alcoa

Warm-O-Rama: A Ruck Warm up? Sure lets just walk the trails for 20 minutes
threw in some SunGods too

The Thang: After return to the Flag...
Wait we don't have a RR flag....

We pulled some Cinder Baby's from YHC Truck.

Two PAX performed a Ruck Farmer Carry from one side of the yard and back

The other two PAX flipped the EXTREMELY LARGE Tire.

After a few rounds, YHC Spotted some Road Barriers

Partner up and Carry the Road Barrier to the other side of the Yard and Back

Finished with a 20 min Ruck

With 5 minute of Mary Matchstick Put the Dagger in our Hearts and slowly killed us as we did LBC's holding the Ruck up straight

COT: Prayers for Dixie Chicks Family

Naked Man Moleskin: I will never for get that Creamy Selsa from Cick-Fil-A is low carb. Dixie Chick has a special way of saying Salsa. YHC was going to let it go because the low carb conversation was interesting but MatchStick couldn't let it go. After some fun conversation on different ways to Say Salsa, we were well versed in the many great low carb options at Chick-Fil-A.

At the end of the Ruck, YHC had to jet to get to work but it seems like we had a rat under my truck chilling with us. If the Rat would have come out as we did Mary, YHC would have probably screamed like a Girl. All in all it was a great morning.

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