Eager to bring some extra pain to TLD and set a measuring stick for the Q2 2019, YHC introduced the Iron Pax challenge

Dates: 2019-04-16

Where: lions_den

QIC: Pie Bar

Number of Pax: 18

Pax Names: Pop Up, Black Hawk, Dry Rub, Oliver, Kobalt, Einstein, Twinkle Toes, Ice T, Rug Burn, Lucky Charms, Hartford, Odd Job, Chops, Rembrandt, Hard Drive, Fleetwood, Pie Bar

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: La-Z-Boy

Warm-O-Rama: Short, brisk mosey on upper lot. 15 SSHs; 10 Weed Pickers; 10 Imperial Walkers; Sun Gods OYO; Michael Phelps OYO; 5 Copperhead Merkins; 5 Copperhead Squats. Flip chalkboard to reveal pain plan - demonstration of Bonnie Blair's. Turn on new and improved (commercial free) F3 playlist.

The Thang: Iron PAX Challenge

Each PAX times himself and repeat the following routine 4 times as fast as possible:

- 50 Air Squats
- 40 Big Boy Sit Ups
- 30 Merkins
- 20 Jump Lunges (Kodiak count)
- 10 Burpees
- Run 1/4 mile

Recorded times known at time of this posting:

Pie Bar: 22:25

Hartford: 24:17

Black Hawk: 25:00

Rug Burn: 26:00

Einstein: 29:00

Lucky Charms: 29:00

Dry Rub: 30:00

Oliver: 32:00

Pop Up: 33:00

Fleetwood: Unknown - epic fail at keeping time

Odd Job: See entry for Fleetwood

The rest: Unreported

Once IP challenge complete, form circle of pain around F3 Deck. Highlights included: A LOT of merkins; a 400 meter sprint; low slow squats; alternating shoulder taps; Carolina dry docks; Bulgarian split squats

COT: Sixth Man: Kobalt talked about his faith journey and being ready to give back to F3 - YHC sees a VQ in his future!

Naming of La-Z-Boy: he works at a furniture distribution center.

YHC cannot remember the announcements - he was pretty smoked.

Discussion re: what PAX can do to make a difference in lives of kids in community to fight the teen/tween suicide epidemic.

Prayers for Maurer Family who lost their son to suicide last week in BridgeMill; prayers for wisdom for Chops' middle son, Sticks; thanks to Creator for beautiful morning and camaraderie.

Naked Man Moleskin: As always, it was great be out in the gloom with these men this morning. The TLD PAX put up some good numbers when compared to some other F3 locations that have posted this routine. We'll see if we can improve them at the end of the quarter

Fun facts:

- The jump lunges, followed by burpees, and then right into the running was a soul crusher

- Black Hawk almost splashed Merlot during the first lap, but recovered nicely to post a top notch time

- Ice T almost splashed last night's Taco Bell all over the pavement during round 3, but somehow held it down. Ice T will not eat Taco Bell the
night before a BD again

- Pop Up continued his tradition of rolling in at 5:29 1/2 wearing what appears to be the tee shirt he slept in the night before (and has been
sleeping in since 1998). Seriously, somebody order that boy an F3 shirt!!

- During the second iron pax lap, Odd Job lamented his choice to hit TLD instead of Castle Black. I guess they're soft up there?

- Lucky Charms did not complain about the new and improved play list - or if he did YHC couldn't hear him because he was so far behind
(ha ha!) But seriously, I can't give him too much crap b/c he rucked for two hours before the BD with a few other PAX. Strong!

- Hard Drive is heading to Croatia and Myrtle Beach for three weeks. Seems like a logical pairing. We will miss him ....

- It was great to see Rembrandt at his first Lions Den BD. He got so fatigued and confused that he unintentionally opted to do a 5th set. I like

- Where the heck are Spanx, Drone, Kennedy, Satellite, Goldberg, and Mic Check? Did I hear it correctly that Spanx is supposed to be the co-
site Q for TLD? C'MON MAN!!!

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