Something about the Iron Pax makes me not want to do the Backblast, but because Hasbro is keeping out stats, here we go.

Dates: 2019-09-18

Where: playground

QIC: Alcoa

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Zillow, Doubtfire, C4, Drumstick, Law Dog, Possum, Alcoa

Warm-O-Rama: Quick Mossey to grab the coupons and a quick instruction on proper form.

The Thang: 10 Pull-Ups
15 Burpee Coupon Jump Overs
20 Coupon Curld
25 Coupon Squat Thrusters
30 Gas Pumps
Rinse and Repeat for 43 min

COT: Prayers for our Pax

Naked Man Moleskin: Why isn't the IP over yet?

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