TABATA, like banana, but with T’s and B’s instead of B’s and N’s.

Dates: 2019-10-21

Where: apex

QIC: Exile

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Snot Rocket, Greaser, Ditka, Yukon Cornelius, Brad Pitt, Jack Bauer, Exile

Warm-O-Rama: Mosie up
Side Straddle Hops
Weed Pickers
Imperial Walkers
Sun Gods & Michael Phelps
Mosie out

The Thang: Started off with partner exercise: Balls-to-the-wall & donkey kicks (100 total per team)
Partner A holds Balls-to-the-wall hand stand while partner B does donkey kicks, alternating as needed to get to 100 total for team.

Dips & step-ups:
24 dips on a knee-high ledge, then 24 single leg step ups (12 on the right then 12 on left) then working down the count in 2's. So next was 22 dips, 11 step ups on each leg, etc. until 10.

Quick break for 20 cadence count flutter kicks on the curb.

Interval sprints:
(In the main parking area by the basketball gym)
Sprint up-hill full length of the parking lot, then return around the parking lot but cut one parking row shorter than last time before sprinting up the hill again.
Repeat, each sprint and recovery distance being one row shorter than the last.

5 minutes of Mary, rotating leadership among the PAX - feet never to touch the ground.
(Flutter kicks, LBC's, Rosalitas, etc.)

COT: Prayers for local family who's little boy sustained a concussion over the weekend in the middle of moving into town. Praise for people coming out to unload the moving truck for them.
Prayers for Geek Squads knee and a speedy recovery.
Prayers for Brady Bunch looking for a new job.

Naked Man Moleskin: Great group of PAX!
Everyone worked HARD this morning. It was awesome to have Greaser out with us and I hope he comes back again.

Jack Bauer is collecting donations of clothing for Forever Fed, a ministry in Woodstock, and says men's clothing is especially helpful. He's making a push over the next two weeks so donate what clothing you can to this great ministry!

Coffee tastes even better out in a gloomy cold morning and in the company of good men.

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