Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart. Intervals are the beans of the training world! Embrace the bean.

Dates: 2019-10-01

Where: flying_v

QIC: Exile

Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Hank Hill, Trill, Ralphie, Farkiss, Swiss, Turtlehead, G String, Gambler, Mouth-2-mouth, Doddy, Splinter, Silverado, Double Deuce, 8-bit, Brad Pitt, Exile

Warm-O-Rama: Preview lap of short loop (around J Christopher's, Canyon's, and Pure) followed by a messy indian run to preview our long loop (back into the condos & town homes to make a loop of McAfee Rd and E Main Street)

The Thang: 3 interval laps of the short loop:
Sprint from center cross-walk to end of restaurant then jog around the other side and repeat same for a total of 3 laps / 6 sprints around the restaurants. Next, active recovery with 1 lap of the long loop at moderate pace.

Repeat for as many repetitions as possible! I think some got in 3 circuit reps and that all were able to get two complete circuits in before time was up.

COT: Prayers for the region and gratitude for the freedom and health to get out in the gloom together.

Naked Man Moleskin: Great workout, half-baked communication by YHC when calling the instructions.
1. I should have announced before our preview loops that these were intended to be preview of the upcoming workout
2. Reverse indian run (front runner falling back) doesn't work on foot - works well biking, but not for running.
3. Overall, indian run was still an effective way to keep the PAX together for the preview run, so that we could then all start the workout together.

Double Deuce is a BEAST! Splinter too! I was impressed across the board with the quality of sprint interval work from every pax.

Not sure how Farkiss, or fartkiss, or ficus, is supposed to be spelled. But good on him for sticking with it, even after splashing merlot!

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