One year ago the Pax of F3Cherokee declared their Independence and brought forth an new fight against SadClown Town. As the cars kept rolling in it was clear that we are winning the fight. 122 Pax posted on this glorious morning to get stronger, both physically and mentally and one visitor with F3Royalty credentials learned how to milk a goat.

Dates: 2019-07-04

Where: other

QIC: Pie Bar, Cricket, Tiny Tat, Garfield

Number of Pax: 122

Pax Names: careless whisperer, shotgun, biff, pie bar, long island, Hartford, popup, Hasbro, moldy, Alcoa, doddy, snakeeyes, Silverado, homeboy, drumstick, rug burn, pink panther, zohan, poky, vespa, bopeep, pulte, aquaman, geeksquad, beaver, grylls, Danica, spock, woody, swisher, ferry, dufraine, beerproof, ben gay, gehpetto, c4, TitleMax, hank hill, quagmire, Garfield, tiny tat, joker, twiggy, baby face, lawdog, nomad, Dosido, harp, goat milk, mabell, chia, afib, Sgt Slaughter, both ends, dory, bosox, promise ring, yogi, QT, swedish ham, ice t, bloomers, wiggim, inseam, rest stop, doubt fire, nets, panhandle, tinder, goodhands, tinderfoot, jerky, buzz light year, voodoo, gecko, manning, food stamp, mr. garrison, swiss, Rembrandt, banjo, band camp, lexi, wrangler, twinkle toes, rerun, bagger, snooka, hard hittin, westside, snap on, Zillow, dizzy, the mole, turtle head, dixie chick, trill, the mayor of ding dong city, dilbert, suckles, mickey, hombre, legionnaire, greaser, Kiffin, mouth 2 mouth, cricket, dark helmet, Rachet

Number of FNGs: 9

FNG Names: Vanilla, keep in your pants, Dark Knight, the Klaw, Piggly Wiggly, Wei Wei, Nefron, Pewee Herman, Silverback

Warm-O-Rama: YHC thought: With Darkest of All Helmets posting who better to lead the Pax in a warmup. Holy Crap his Windmills are the slowest cadence count windmills F3Cherokee has ever seen, there is no stretching in F3, maybe we need to push the Dark Helmet aside and take back this warm-O-rama….Oh now wait never mind, He quickly moved on to merkins, Squats, Mountain climbers and Quized the pax on the 5 core principles of F3. If the pax got it wrong (or when DH just felt like it) the Pax did 5 burpees. 10 minutes in and all the pax were warmed up.

The Thang: The Q team devised a serious of 3 stations. Pax divided up into 3 groups and were lead through each of the following stations.

1. 76ers Trail Run: Partner up. Run the trail loop (3/4 a mile) stopping own your own to perform Star Jumps, Merkins, and Mountain Climbers until you reached 76 total reps.

2. UpTown 50: At the big field, Parnter up with a different Pax. 5 Burpees each travel to the other side of the field for 5 more burpees. Rotating travel methods from Partner Carry, Wheel Barrel, make that Bro Frogs (your welcome Manning), and train tracks.

3. Garfield's Log and stones hill of pain: Parnter with a different Pax. At the top of the hill one pax grabs a coupon (log or stone) and performs a squat and lung each leg AMRAP while partner bear crawls down the hill performs 5 merkins, 3 burpees, crawl bears up the hill and switches with partner.

Finish up with some mary by Dark Helmet but not stopping before one more pop quiz with burpee penalties.

COT: Last year the Pax consisted of 45 guys coming together to officially Launch F3Cherokee. We were branching off from F3Alpha taking addition by division to the region level. Ending this years workout with 122 Pax with representatives from Alpha and West Cobb shows the impact the Pax is having in our community. If you want to see it in action, watch Ricky Bobby's back to school drive to raise money to buy school supplies for children in need. Last year we raised enough money that Ricky Bobby had a truck bed full of supplies. This year who knows how many trucks we will fill. This is just one example of the impact we are making. Leading a ball of Man with 122 Pax was one of the coolest moments YHC has had in F3. Thank you all for what you do.

Naked Man Moleskin: So YHC was very excited to learn that Dark Helmet was coming to our convergence. As always, there is a good story as to how that happened and it goes something like this: HB "Dark Helmet, my name is Homeboy and I am here to invite you to the F3Cherokee 4th of July convergence." DH "Homeboy its 3am." HB "Its going to be really fun." DH "Homeboy, its 3 am and you are knocking at my front door, how did you know where I lived." HB "I just left Dredd's house and he told me you would go to the convergence." DH "HB, If I say yes will you let me go back to sleep?" HB "yes" DH "yes" DH's M "Honey who was at the Door?" DH "Some guy named Homeboy and I am taking you and the kids to Atlanta for the 4th of July so I can post at a convergence in Cherokee County Ga." DH's M "what?" DH "He reminded me of a puppy dog with a ball How am I supposed to say no to that"....All kidding aside, it was an honor to have Dark Helmet visit.

Manning's Top 10:
10. Partnering with @Pulte and watching him crush the trail run, then with @Doddy who upped his game by wearing a weighted vest, followed by working with @Cricket who unbeknownst to me had a little “incident” going on in his nether region…gross bro.
9. Wonder Woman killing it as the paparazzi AND shooing those folks away from the pavilion. Nice work!
8. @Swisher rocking the Prius & Budweiser cowboy hat. Lot of conflicting imagery right here folks. Where liberalism and conservatism collide! F3 is open to all men!
7. “We were supposed to do a trail run?” – @Aquaman
6. How was your workout, daddy?
Did you get a funny name?
What is it?
What is KIP?
Go to your rooms!
5. Law Dog is my personal Hero. The Bro was suffering from the most severe form of Bronchitis known to man only one week ago and absolutely crushed it today.
4. My mind started wandering during the core principles wondering what it’s like to be Dark Helmet’s children.
What mil bags go in the trash can???
Uhhh .3? No, 5 burpees!!
What is the paint color on this bathroom wall?
Uhhh, blue?
No! Major Blue SW6785!! 10 burpees!!
3. Dark Knight and The Klaw are bro-frog cheaters. Or that might have been me and @Doddy Either way, they’re both pretty awesome.
2. Welcome Vanilla – the most uninteresting man in the world! LOL, I kid, because I care. Come back, bro!!
1. All those flags – highlighted by @Vespa's exit with Old Glory blazing in the wind

Other Highlights include:
20 something Pax posted for the 6 am ruck with Suckles and Bloodhound trail running.
Dosido carried Voodoo. Have you seen Voodoo stand next to Dosido. It looked like Andre the Giant standing next to Danny DeVito. Dosido is ready for the Growruck if he will just sign up.
Good to have the guys from West Cobb and Alpha Join us.
Danica really made the stereotypes true. He took a whole box of donuts back home with him in the squad car.
Dark Helmet apparently invented the Uptown 50 workout. #humblebrag

Last but not least, we have an FNG posting on Saturday because he saw all of us at the Convergence working out, looked up our website and wants to be apart of what we do.


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