A Nutty Aroma with a hint of Merlot

Dates: 2019-09-12

Where: paragon

QIC: Bo Peep

Number of Pax: 22

Pax Names: Pink Panther, Wiggums, Tallyman, Z93, Grey Poupon, Dr Thunder, Osteen, Jodee, Tinder, Backseat Boy, Garfield, Tebow, Elvis, Katniss, Almost, The Professor, Lizard King, Kiffin, Orphan, Pookie, Bo Peep, Livewire

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Livewire

Warm-O-Rama: Took a quick mosey down the stadium steps, circling up near the endzone to do the following Warm O Rama classics:
10 SSHs
10 Weed pickers
Sun gods (OYO)
Michael Phelps (OYO) - YHC heavily recommended stretching arms

The Thang: YHC, having posted the last 3 days at AOs that comprised partnering up, stairs, and bear crawls, understood the value of consistency. As such, the pax partnered up to complete the following post:

The rule of 1,500, in descending order:

500 Stadium Steps
400 Side Straddle Hops
300 Stadium Dips (These were the BEST)
200 Squat Jumps
100 Burpees (These were second BEST)

While one Partner attempted to complete the Rule of 1,500, the other partner bear crawled or lunged the sides of the football field, totalling 100 yards, before picking up where Partner 1 ended. Partner 1 then proceeded to bear crawl and so forth.

During this time, YHC was honored with how many times his name was mentioned, normally paired with some colorful adjectives.

About 35 minutes in, had to make a quick audible that required us to mosey up the stadium, past the parking lot, and up the hill to the practice field to continue the exercises. Towards completion, we had to encourage one another to take breaks as needed as one pax was near the point of merlot.

With one minute to spare, we moseyed back to the parking lot to do our circle of trust.

COT: Praises for Garfield and Elvis with developments at work and new work.
Orphan's friend who is going through surgery later today. Prayers for wisdom for the doctors as they begin the procedures
Prayers for us as Husbands, Fathers, Sons, Brothers, and leaders in our respective homes. That we can be a testimony wherever we go.

Naked Man Moleskin: Props to the Pax for encouraging each other through the entire post.

More importantly, major props to everyone at F3 who continue to encourage each other. Going through some of the most difficult events in life is a challenge when alone, but when you know there are other guys helping to push, support, and pray for one another, it makes the daily 45 minute of pain in the early hours of the gloom completely worth it.

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