We flew dangerously close to the sun, but no one’s wings melted.

Dates: 2019-08-17

Where: woodstockrucks

QIC: Hooch

Number of Pax: 20

Pax Names: Einstein, Westside, PopUp, Hard Drive, Trust Fall, Abscess, 8 Bit, LawDog, Gut Check, Mufasa, Dosido, Hasbro, Chops, Panhandle, Lexi, Hass, Mouth-2-Mouth, Geek Squad, Exile, Hooch

Warm-O-Rama: 0350 - YHC arrives at Woodstock Amphitheater's back lot, and cracked my first smile of the day seeing more than a dozen cars and some groggy PAX prepping their gear. Even Dosido (the original) and Mufasa from the Alpha.
0400 - Await a couple "just-in-timers" coming in hot, ruck on, grab all three flags, and let's boogie. I'll tell you what! 17 men started this morning's pre-gloom madness at 0-flipping-400 hours. If you make it difficult, the men of F3 Cherokee (and the toughest of the Alpha) will come flocking in for pain and gain.
Up the hill to East Main and over to the top secret upper lot at Chat Tech. Circle up for (all exercises with ruck-on, of course) 15 Squats IC, 12 Merkins OYO, and the sucker-punch of a 60 meter downhill bear crawl. My neck still hurts, and I WILL be using M2M's hip belt at GrowRuck 15, thank you very much!

The Thang: The Thang #1 (for the 0400 crazies) - ruck down to the library for more (yep, I hate 'em, so I gotta do 'em to get stronger) bear crawls. UPHILL this time, approximately 40 meters. Then lunge walk 50 meters to the end of the upper library lot. Ruck back down and try to catch a glimpse of Exile finishing his business, but he was already walking out of the woods when we picked him up. Swing by the middle sidewalk to pick up the coupons (2 40-lb, 5-gallon water jugs). Time-check reveals that we are going to have to relocate the bottle brigade as planned to the amphitheater lot, so we don't keep the additional 0500 arrivals waiting. Quick jaunt back for our three flag bearers to pick up the flags, and we rucked back to the Shovel Flag via Main, Dobbs, and the shortest wannabe GreenPrints trail in Woodstock. Chops loved our popping out of the woods and getting 17 fist bumps as he stepped out of his Sequoia.

4 PAX exited to run a 5K, and 3 PAX joined the fun.

0500 - The Thang #2 - Bottle Brigade. After carrying the coupons back, we all got in on the rotation real quick-like. Line up shoulder-to-shoulder, one goblet squat with each coupon, pass it to your right, and bear crawl to the front of the line. Then we continued the brigade without the bearcrawls and eventually without the squats, passing the bottles hand-to-hand all the way up the hill to the city park fountain.
From there we carried the coupons across Main to the south end of Market Street for Walk the Plank. One PAX picks up both coupons and walks a circle (heh, nice thinking on the fly, Hooch) around the line of PAX, who are holding plank. Each PAX in sequence carrying the coupons, and those who wait are holding plank in the middle of a deconstructed, ruck-on burpee. This was terrible. As in, my sides and back are still feeling it, and I'm so glad we did it! Then we set out to cover some mileage. Tore up Hasbro's calf, but he pushed through the pain like a boss. Through the Robin Hood neighborhood, up the hill of doom, and back the Shovel Flag for 5 2/3 miles of fun.

COT: I was in brain fog from the stupid early hour and the hard work. But I know we prayed, and it's a good thing God remembers what we prayed for. That is all I have to say about that.

Naked Man Moleskin: - This workout really had nothing to do with Icarus, but I alluded to him anyways. The reference is from an old Jars of Clay song called Worlds Apart. The opening lyric is "I am the only one to blame for this," which has been in my mind since the aches and extreme soreness set in not two hours after my Q. I'm still thrashed from this beat down on Monday. Guess it was a good one, and we'll all be stronger. It hurts, but I have myself to blame.
- If I can stretch the Icarus reference into an analogy, it's that we mustn't be reckless in our pushing hard to get stronger. But we mustn't pussyfoot around all the exercises we hate when we Q or we will never push ourselves hard enough to grow. And we will not lead our brothers in the difficult way of pain that leads to strength and fortitude on the other side.
- F3 Cherokee Rucking for LIFE
- I will not stop saying it. I am truly thankful to God for each man who joined me in the pre-gloom to get stronger and make me a better man.

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