Some how it seems lik all the Q’s at the playground shifted a week… With Lively locked in Florida with daddy duty, YHC took up the Q thanks to Chops who picked up the Ruck Q (YHC owes ya). It was obvious we would be doing some form of Merkins for may, but who would of known how much Chitwood cared about FORM.

Dates: 2019-05-15

Where: playground

QIC: Alcoa

Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Murdock, Dilbert, Chitwood, Captain Hook, Airwolf, Goat Milk, Aquaman, Carmen SanDiego, Alcoa

Warm-O-Rama: Quick Mosey to the Front of the School

34 SSH (Goat Milk quit)
Michael Phelps
25 Merkins

The Thang: Round 1: Elevens at the Hill
10 Squats at the Bottom and
1 Merkin at the top
Keep subtracting Squats at the bottom and
Adding a Merkin at the Top always equaling 11.

Round 2: Rochamburpees
Choose a partner. Both in chillcut plank position. Play Rochambeau (rock, paper, scissors) while in chillcut. Round 1: loser does 1 Burpee, winner does 1 Merkin. Stay in chillcut and play 10 total rounds, adding an additional Burpee/Merkin every round. EC: every tie, both do a Merkin.

Round 3: Lazy DORA 123
Partners perform 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, & 300 Squats as a team. Here’s the catch…no running. P1 starts with 10 Merkins while P2 planks, then switch. Continue switching between Merkins and plank until 100 total Merkins reached. Next, while P1 does 20 LBCs, P2 performs a 6" leg hold until P1 is finished, then switch. Continue switching until all 200 LBCs are completed. Finally, P1 does 25 squats while P2 does squat hold, then switch. Continue switching until 300 total squats are completed.

Round 4: (Wheres Aquaman?) Jackwebs

COT: Prayers for Airwolfs Friend who lost there young baby.

Naked Man Moleskin: As we continue to embark on our May Merkin journey, one PAX seems to be done. Maybe it is Paternity Leave, Maybe he has secret supper powers, or perhaps it is his form. Aquaman knows how to devour merkins, like kid eating candy on Holloween, but Chitwood was on point making sure the Super Hero (Aquaman) kept proper form. Watching every Merkin with precision judgment and lever letting one bad Formed Merkin Survive. We will never know how the Super Hero completed so many Merkin in 15 days, but we do know, this morning every Merkin Counted.

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