What a lovely day to play with some balls

Dates: 2019-08-17

Where: b0.0m_town

QIC: Babyface

Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: One and Done, Mr. Myiagi, Pelosi, Red Hat, & Babyface

Warm-O-Rama: After grabbing our big heavy balls we circled up for some IC Wind Mill, Imperial Walkers, and some OYO Sun Gods

The Thang: After we each man grabbed a ball we started our fun. We worked our way down descending wall balls and Pull-ups starting with 50 wall balls and 10 Pull-ups Next round we dropped the wall balls to 40 and the reps for the pulls to 8. Round 3 - 30 & 6, Round 4 - 20 & 4, Round 5 - 10 & 2. As we worked down the wall balls we continued to rotate each round so that everyone had a chance to experience each weight of the balls (they ranged from 20 - 14 pounds).
Next, what goes up has to go down so we did ascending Ball Slams (10 - 50) coupled with 10 Step up & Squats each round.
At some point, we did 5 rounds of some dips and jump squats. We sat in a circle and played pass the balls we each other, and eventually did some partner sit-ups throwing the ball at each other coupled with more step-ups. All in all, we ended up pretty sweaty and tired after playing with my balls. Great way to start a weekend.

COT: Prayers for Bloodhound and Wonder Women as they embark on the 30 miles today.
Prayers for 1 & Done as he starts taking classes again soon

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