Induction of Gary, passing of the torch (Chatterbox flag), Lawdog appearance, bat wings…

Dates: 2019-08-17

Where: chatterbox

QIC: Trill

Number of Pax: 26

Pax Names: Couch Potato, Garfield, Nomad, Jaguar, Narco, 8-Bit, Silverado, General Snakeyes, Grease, Dosido, Lucky Charms, Lawdog, Screech, Yellow Snow, Drumstick, Hard Hittin, Doddy, Honky Honk, Ralphie, Exile, Febreeze, Huffy, Grylls, Pee Wee, Swiss, Trill

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Yellow Snow

Warm-O-Rama: Michael Phelps OYO
Chumaburpees - SSH throughout the song, burpees on every "I get knocked down" , (27 Burpees total)
Thunder Squats - chops (running in place), squat on every "thunder" lyric (91 squats total)
Pressure on Lawdog to guess how many Thunders / squats there were - he guessed 67, penalty of 10 burpees oyo
Oblique crunches 20 each side
10 LBFC's

The Thang: -On the goose poop field: Frisbee throw - run to Frisbee until it lands, once it lands you bear crawl to it. First Pax to it picks an execise for PAX to do; total of 60 squats, 20 merkins, SSH IC, and plank terminators destroyers led by Exile
-Johnny Cash: in a circle very large circle - 10 LBC's each PAX one at a time (pass it around) while the rest are holding 6 inches, superman pose while one PAX at a time completes 5 superman punches.
-Bear Crawl ring-of-fire: bearcrawl in circle (large circle once again), 1 round and hold for 10 twisted mountain climbers IC, another round of crawling and then end with 10 more twisted mountain climbers IC.
-Jack Webbs: 1 to 4 ratio, 1 merkin 4 air presses, 2 merkins 8 air presses, 3 merkins 12 air presses up to 10 merkins and 40 air presses.
-The Lexi: one leg hop across field half way, switch leg on way back
-Bat wings: small arm circles IC, reverse arm circle, seal claps til it hurt, overhead clap til it hurt, air presses up to 40
-The Lexi: same as above
-Short belching routine: Sprint down field, drop half way to hold elbow plank approximately 30-60 seconds, back to sprint down the remainder of the field.
-Mosey back to flag / exercise equipment
-and that is time

COT: -Drumstick, after about a year from launching, and holding down the Chatterbox, passed on the site Q responsibility to YHC (Trill), and Doddy.
-Gary, the long time everyday attendee at Dupree park riding his bike around the track interacting with the PAX (usually running us off the track and keeping us honest with shout outs like "where is the flag" or "I'm 70 and I can move faster than that" was finally formally inducted into F3 / Chatterbox as a FNG, named Yellow Snow because he always wears a yellow shirt when he rides and on a yellow bike, and thanks to Drumstick now has a yellow chatterbox shirt. Also is from the north and use to pee in the snow.
-6th man 8-bit, showed Gary how it's done
-Serenity prayer, a lot of uncertainty out there, prayers to accept what can't be changed, courage to change what can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Naked Man Moleskin: Holy Chatterbox Batman:
-If you look at the roster today, we were stacked with some top mumble chatter PAX. No exercise nor routine could stop this cast of loquacious men from yapping.
-Johnny Cash with such large crowd / circle was painful, holding 6 inches that sucked, I knocked it out of the park though (truth nugget) not sure why Drumstick kept hollering "Trill get your damn feet up!", I think his eye sight is going bad haha; with his abs engaged he sounded like an old angry lady I use to have nightmares about growing up.
-Lawdog had no quarrels holding 6 inches and superman pose; impressive core strength, I hear he is training to play King Leonidas son in 300 part 3, also the reason for his beard and hair style.
-Clinch your butt cheeks toward the end of jack webbs to make it through the shoulder pain, it works I'm telling you, I didn't come up with it but it works.
-We had one kotter today, Huffy, I'm counting him it's been quit some time without an appearance from the tough as nails Brit.
-With such large numbers I need a louder poop emoji speaker, I will be in the market for an elephant poop emoji.
-I screwed up cadence count on the clapping portion during bat wings so called a count audible
-Going the wrong way or direction in a circle caused some chatter; it's a circle does it really matter which way you go, you will always start and end in the same place. However Grylls was on my left, I knew that gray wolf had the ab strength to hold 6 inches without the rest from LBC's til the end.
-Grylls "why jack webbs on my knees", why does it not make more sense given the exercise combination, get out of the norm man change it up some time.
-Grylls chomping at the bit to Q all morning, it's been a while for him Q'ing the Chatterbox, he needs it real soon (Saturday 31st)
-Who let Exile get to the frisbee first, and can we ban him from reading the exicon? You know he is going to find the most non human exercise in there. Exile exercise choice: Plank terminator destroyer eliminator conquistador! Oh my abs.
-Drumstick and team have done a fine job here keeping this place true to the F3 values; more specifically, the box is where grown men can truly give the Q hell, cut-up, talk smack, burp, fart, act childish, and wash away all the seriousness, and stress from our daily routines. Best way to end the week, and start the weekend.
-some of the exercises today were bought to you by the following inspiration...
*Couch Potato for the frisbee variation and one leg hop, later named "The Lexi" by 8-bit
*Swiss for Chamaburpee, his whisky drinking last night made me think of the chumbawamba song
*Bat Wings from FIA routine, and also from the movie "Waiting", watch the movie to see what a real bat wing is but don't watch with kids!
*Lawdog, my first post ever was a Lawdog Q and he used Jack Webbs
*Short belching routine in end because well.. I ran out of things to do and still had time left, also needed to get my poop emoji speaker at the other end of the field.

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