Life is all about handling hills

Dates: 2019-11-02

Where: wartowne

QIC: Einstein

Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: RugBurn PieBar Oddjob Fleetwood YukonCornelius Dizzy IceT PopUp Einstein

Warm-O-Rama: Weed pickers IC

The Thang: Indian run to front of Bascomb
2 groups - Hill work 10 trees line the top of the hill. First group Sprint up to the first tree do 10burpees then back down. Other group is doing core work (LBCs, BBSU, Amer Hammers, Flutter kicks) until group returns from the hill. Decrease 1 burpees count at each tree so second tree 9burpees etc.
- mosey to pick up linens then back to entrance of bascomb. Bear crawled to the first light pole. Then YHC wanted to do more bear crawl but Fleetwood said something so Q switched it to crawlbear.
- backpedaled then moseyed to the amphitheater.
- more hills - 8 levels/boards at amphitheater
-up - 5 two feet touches on each board
-down 5 dips at each board
-up Sprint
- down 5 butt tap squats at each board
-up Sprint
- down 5 decline merkins (feet on board) at each board
-al gore for 6
-sprint up ampitheater and hill to softball fields.
- finished with Indian run through the softball fields to the flag.

COT: It happened YHC had to bail to make it home as usual.

Naked Man Moleskin: Had a blast today. Really proud of the men that pushed themselves. YHC missed the tunes but too much moving wouldnt allow for it and the mumble chatter was a minimum. Good thing, right? Think we got close to 3miles with a ton of elevation gain.

Life is full of hills and valleys the effort we put into dealing with the hills determines the amount of time spent on them. Keep attacking the hills men and enjoy the valleys.

-PieBar loves crawlbears
-PopUp loves camo
-RugBurn has is pushing a petition for mudgear to offer turtle neck shirts
-Einstein still can’t call cadence correctly
-IceT brought the colors and killed it today.
-Yukon Cornelius can not play basketball
- Oddjob doesn’t do tights
- Fleetwood wants PieBar’s tights
- Q failed Dizzy didn’t get dizzy.

Good work men! Thanks for joining me in the gloom.

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