What’s this? An open Q?? Don’t mind if I do! Been wanting to check out some virgin ground anyway…

Dates: 2019-09-04

Where: morningwood

QIC: Mark

Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Eric, Justin, Waylon, Bryan, Alan, Mark, Marshall, Jay, Venel, Jonathan

Warm-O-Rama: Today, we run

The Thang: Mapped out a wicked awesome route with a choice of Team A or Team B. One route is long and relatively flat, and the other is shorter but has to deal with the nasty WM hills. I was pleasantly surprised that 8/10 chose the longer route, and glad that we had 2 to test out the shorter, hillier terrain. Plan to rendezvous at the base camp: Gaddis. Too bad there aren't restroom facilities here...

COT: Prayers for Haggis's M, LC's family, TM's dad Hugh

Naked Man Moleskin: 10. Might need a wellness check on Justin later. He was disappointed in his performance today

9. Venel is totally clueless on how to execute and American Hammer. But he's a pretty awesome dude. He's like Bryan's brother from another mother. Can I say that?

8. Have you ever run with someone who drank an entire 2 liter of coke before we started? And then talked the entire time while running telling one boring story after another? Hey Spike, Hey Spike, Hey Spike....

7. Riveting conversation about robots, barn-o-miniums, and the exciting differences between 4g and 5g networks

5. Waylon the story topper per usual

3. Totally boring discussion on Amazon Ghost stores, followed up by a much more interesting story of swanky NYC hotels with showers directly in the middle of the room and floor to ceiling glass. Another story topping attempt by Waylon...

2. Spend time with Marshall while you can. He's not long for this hillbilly country living...ITP is calling him...

1. New ordinance invoked by Alan: Peter no longer welcome @ MW unless he brings a bag to pick up after himself.

Bonus Discussion:

$30 under garments and other unnecessary things to overpay for
Eric hissing at me for the long and "flat" route
Jonathan looking for acreage and chickens. You and everyone else, brotato
Getting caught in no mans land without a headlamp makes for a pretty sketchy route. #junkyarddogsoncollettroad
Decent debate on which GR cadre is cooler and stronger that the other. Also a short discussion on their business model.

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