Routine with classic kettlebell moves like the classic Hell’s Bell’s AC DC song. Grass is cold when wet!

Dates: 2019-10-23

Where: forge

QIC: Trill

Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: GoDaddy, BoSox, Lizard King, Tiny Tat, Trill

Warm-O-Rama: SHortest mosey ever .... over to the large sidewalk with crosswalk
-30 SSH IC
-10 Michael Phelps IC
-Sun Gods OYO
-Standing Oblique crunch with bell (10 each side)
-5 kettlebell swings OYO

The Thang: -Hell's Bell's: 20 kettlebell swings (choose one PAX to take us to 20, we all stop when that PAX hits 20 reps weather you are at 10 or 30), the suit case carry (one arm bell carry) roughly 10 yards, each light pole down road toward practice field, then another 20 swings on a different PAX count, then switch hands and carry again. 300 kettlebell swings total giver or take and roughly a half mile of suit case carry.
-Kettlebell drag crawl bear half field when passing field during Hell's Bell's
-AT main parking lot run with bell to each light pole stopping for 20 mountain climbers on bell and back (total of 160 MC's)
-super sets: 20 curls, 20 tri extensions, 20 laying down lat pullovers; rinse and repeat (120 reps total)
And time.

COT: Prayers for Boy scout's family who passed away, and friend of Lizard King's battling clogged arteries.

Naked Man Moleskin: -The grass was so wet and cold on the hands gloves or no gloves, just wasn't feasible to crawl or bear crawls any more than we did.
-Hell's Bell's was not as intense as I expected, more of a slow burn; great way to work on core stability, grip strength and to ease in 300 kettlebell swings.

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