One year down for The Happy Jack, and what better way to celebrate it than with some Easy Mountain Burpicides.

Dates: 2019-08-29

Where: happy_jack


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Hombre, Manning, Cricket, Haggis, Legionnaire, TitleMax, Dixie Chick, Bloodhound, Mickey, Pitchfork, Floppy, C4 . . . Cody, Pana, Casey

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey to the Veterans track and down to the start of Easy Mountain.

The Thang: Both Easy Mountain and Burpicides, which THJ coined, have become staples of The Happy Jack during this first year. The thing is, however, with the burpicides, that the PAX rarely, if ever, gets to round three, whereby at each suicide line we conduct the 3x burpee reps (3-6-9-12-15). So for this anniversary beatdown, that's where the PAX would go, but with a little Easy Mountain mixed in, sort of an Easy Mountain burpicide combo.

Start at the bottom of Easy Mountain, and sprint to the first post, conduct the burpees (3), and then head back to the bottom, whereby each HIM would knock out 20 single count switchback lunges (gotta prime the legs for those Easy Mountain climbs). Then back up Easy Mountain but onto the next post, just beyond the circle, conduct the burpees (6), and then back to the start, and again with the switchback lunges. And so on, all the way around the track. Third post 9 burpees, fourth post 12 burpees, etc.

YHC and the QIC really didn't know how tough this beatdown would be, but Easy Mountain is unforgiving, the stretch is long and neverending, and there are plenty of other hardy sections of the track, plus combined with the burpees, that make all of it one hell of a run. And if you throw in keeping up with Manning, who even with the exercises, was clipping 7:45 min miles, then the PAX has an even more brutal course to conquer.

The PAX made it to the fourth post, one short of the full circle, and Manning & YHC knocked out 15 burpees at the bottom of Easy Mountain on the final return. Then the PAX congregated around the "chain," awaited the six, and back to the flag for one final and full birthday Happy Jack. All said the Garmin registered 4.87 miles, just short of five-o.

COT: Prayers for the Creekview community and the family, following the unthinkable. Love our children, and let God's peace be over them all.

Naked Man Moleskin: There are countless events this fall: Travis Manion 5K, Spartan Super/Sprint, The Bear Adventure Race, Savage GoRuck, etc. Lots of good coffeteria chatter after the beatdown recapping the GrowRuck. Some good laughs at Quaggie's expense; the PAX loves you Quags.

It being the birthday beatdown for The Happy Jack, a few other thoughts and words:
** Thanks to Lawdog who motivated YHC for launching it, even though he hasn't posted there in weeks (months?). SYLD.
** Most memorable beatdown -- for the first two or three months, I swear it seemed to rain every Thursday. Most of the early beatdowns were conducted through puddles. On this YHC's true birthday, Nov 15, t'was an even more miserable morning, cold and a constant rain, and so special thanks to Manning & Homeboy for showing up.
** Toughest beatdown -- has to be the Easy Mountain Eleven's, which Quagmire led, and even pushed Homebody to a brink.
** Most creative beatdown -- Westside's Spartan courses, and on the first one we actually had 3 FNGs, poor lads.
** Another good memory -- Thanksgiving, prior to the Flag Football games, Manning and YHC post for THJ. The beatdown was a series of races, opposite directions, up and down the track, starting from the hut, and ending at the bottom of Easy Mountain, and vice versa. Thankfully, Manning was wise enough to remark, "what do you say we audible out of this and just do that Sixes thing." And so we did.
** One other -- the PAX runs Sixes with BLIMPS as the exercise sequence. Final effort and challenge -- create enough separation to knock out 20 burpees. Cricket and YHC push it, hustle to get the separation, and we're at like minute 40 of the beatdown. We knock out the 20, goodness, and YHC cannot speak. There is no air. Horrible. How is it that Cricket and YHC get suckered into these gasping for air sprints?
** Special thanks to Cody, who is ever present at THJ and I swear knows the days of the week, as every Thursday morning is up before I am and ready to go. It must be the pond. The pond would be good for him. Briar One.

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