I mean…I even made a MAP!

Dates: 2019-10-31

Where: happy_jack

QIC: Manning

Number of Pax: 2

Pax Names: Kiffin, Manning, - Hombre, - Floppy, - Homeboy, - Cricket, - C4, - Titlemax, - Lawdog, - Earhart, - Legionnaire, -Mickey, - Bloodhound

Warm-O-Rama: Nope

The Thang: 1. Up/Downs on the big hill - 10 minutes


2. Easy Mountain. Sprint up, jog down. 10 minutes


3. Field sprints. Sprint middle, jog around. Rinse & repeat. 10 minutes


4. Parking space sprint/shuffles. Sprint 4 rows. shuffle out. Sprint 4 rows, shuffle in. down and back - 10 minutes

Back to the flag

COT: Prayers for our aging parents and in-laws

Naked Man Moleskin: Well well well, the last time there were only 2 at THJ, I raced C4 for a Nolan Richardson 40 Minutes of H***

Today, me and Big Mike got to experience something much much worse. Muddy fields, bramble and briar covered 60 degree slopes....and the evil and wicked Easy Mountain.

Was it fun? You bet! Were there injuries? Of course! Will we do this again? Absolutely (said in the Homeboy voice)!

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