Anyone can put on a costume…but what happens when PAX have to dress like other PAX? On this exceptionally warm October morning, anything can happen!

Dates: 2019-10-31

Where: safari

QIC: Dory

Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Madoff, Babyface, Westside, Rest Stop, Dory

Warm-O-Rama: A short mosey and circle up. Started with some SSH (like normal) and then called Mountain Man Poopers...I kinda took it as a compliment when Babyface said that he had never heard of that exercise before. YHC only learned of it a few weeks before from Garf so perhaps it hasnt been around all that long! Continued with some Imperial Walkers, Windmills (or weed pickers...cant remember), and finsihed with some side lunge stretches, sun gods, and micheal phelps.

The Thang: After warm-o-rama moseyed to the lower parking lot where we lined up for a Bill Murray routine. 10 laps with 10 merkins, 10 squats, and 10 BBSU after each lap. Similar to a Cooper but the reps stay the same...kinda like the movie "Ground Hog Day." Westside, in his full Spaceballs attire, opted to run on the grass since we elected to run barefoot! Next we moseyed back to the upper parking lot for a Wilt Chamberlin...start with 100 LBCs, sprint 100 feet, 100 Squats , sprint 100 ft, 100 flutter kicks (each leg 1), sprint 100 ft, and finish with 100 lunges (each leg 1). Finished with a few minutes left so squeezed in Sleepwalkers 1 2 3. Start with 1 squat, 2 toe touches, 3 Apolo Ohno (speed skater). Increase to 2 squat, 4 toe touches, 6 Apollo Ohno. We got up to 9 squats, 18 toe touches, 27 Apollo Ohno's when we hit time.

COT: Prayed for relief and healing for TitleMax's M and Legionanire's sister battling cancer. Praise for Rest Stops friend who was declared cancer free Gave thanks for Yukon's job offer.

Naked Man Moleskin: Westside fully committed to his Spaceballs costume...and by that he went all minimalist! Good job my brother! Tried to have a little fun on Halloween and I think we succeeded! It was warm this morning...72 degrees warm. A bit of rain actually felt good. As I write this backblast 16 hours later the temps have plummetted 30+ degrees and the wind is howling...dont think Westside would pull off the same costume tomorrow morning! We had our pumpkins out and put on a show for the teachers as we did our Apollo Ohno curtsy lunges! Aquaman with the drive by probably woke up a few households on E Cherokee Dr. Finally, all the PAX gently reminding me I forgot to call for name-o-rama...thanks guys!

We have the Creekland Color Run on Saturday 11/2, Love Not Lost BBQ Contest Fund Raiser on 11/16, a couple of CSAUP events in December. Be on the lookout for opportunities to help with the holiday lights at Cherokee Veterans park...details should be forthcoming soon!

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