YHC’s 1-year anniversary in F3. The amazing and ridiculous ride continues.

Dates: 2019-08-29

Where: paragon

QIC: Grylls

Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names: Pookie, Nets, Panhandle, Dr Thunder, MaBell, Garfield, Backseat Boy, Tebow, Tinder, The Professor, Lil-Bit, Grey Poupon, Grylls, Woody, Wiggum, BallBoy, Pink Panther

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Grey Poupon

Warm-O-Rama: - Mosey to the practice field
- Mountain Man Poopers x8, IC
- Windmills x7, IC
- Weed Pickers x8, IC
- Sun Gods, OYO

The Thang: Loosely BLIMPS, with a focus on Form, and a focus on picking up the six.
The requirement for each exercise is the pax must finish their own required reps before helping others. But then a pax SHOULD join others and add to their counts.
- Burpees x50, OYO... start it off right and tough, but pick up the six when you're done!! When all pax are done, mosey around the field together.
- Lunges (walking kind), x50, OYO. Pick up the six when done. Mosey around the field together.
- Imperial Walkers, x50, IC. Mosey around the field together.
- Merkins, x50 OYO. Pick up the six when done. Mosey around the field together.
- Bear Crawls and Crab Walks. 50 of each... (as the right hand hits the ground, count 1 more). Pick up the six when done. Mosey around the field together.
- Squats, x50 IC (which really means 100). Mosey around the field together.

Partner Carries. Groups of 3 (2 pax carry the other). Carry 100 yds and then switch. There was just enough time for each pax to be carried once.

COT: Nets was the 6-man and told his terrifying tale of being initiated to F3: He was randomly invited to dinner by 2 white guys off the street, then being invited to their backyard, and then up into the woods all alone. He was terrified, but he pushed through and it turns out that it was only The Mole (versus Thin Mint). All is well.

Naked Man Moleskin: There were plenty of stupid complaints throughout the morning, and YHC expects no less. It's not a great morning without the whining and complaints and mumblechatter - it would not be F3; it would just be a gym membership. This day had it all for YHC, including coffeeteria. But nothing too funny worth writing about. Just the level-10 awesomeness of fellowship that exists in the gloom all of the time.

F3 has been a life-changing group for YHC. It came at just the right time at a very difficult point in life. It probably saved me in many ways. I'm proud to be a part of it and thankful to pass it on.

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