When you aren’t sure what to do, pull your greatest hits out!

Dates: 10/5/19

Where: chatterbox

QIC: Drumstick

Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Saluki, Grylls, Bagger, Good Hands, Yellow Snow,

Warm-O-Rama: Little warm up with inchworms, SSH,

The Thang: Balls to the wall while partner does pullups
Over the fence through the fence
10 burpees
To the playground- chest to swing and curls, run through the playground
Partner carry up the ramp then iron chair
Sprint up the bank then donkey kicks 3 rounds
Storytime on the equipment, the best advice you have ever heard.
Smurfjacks, leg explosions
Butt sniffers, Toe sniffers

COT: Grylls talked about signing up for the Christmas lights for a very long time................

Naked Man Moleskin: Very small group at the Box today. Bagger almost broke his leg going over the fence and Grylls is afraid to run on a boardwalk.
Not much else to report!

Thanks for coming boys!
Give'em hell

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