Well, I made a proclamation in the Fantasy Football league that I am in that if I win a week, the loser has to come to the Safari & Q. The flip side of that is if I lose, I will Q where they want me to (within reason, I do still have kids that I have to get to school). Well last week I lost to Carmen Sandiego, and his last posting was at the League, so here I am now, and it’s only natural that we play some football.

Dates: 2019-10-02

Where: league

QIC: Babyface

Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Panhandle, Nomad, Westside, Good Hands, Vespa, Woody, Ann Arbor, Garfield, Ditka, G-String, Grylls, Babyface, Fuzzy, Wild Thing, 8-Bit, & BoPeep

Warm-O-Rama: Quick mosey snaking every 10 yards with some butt kicks, side shuffles, high knees, and karaoke sprinkled in before running to the middle of the field for some instruction.

The Thang: We counted off to form 2 teams. Each team had 8 guys on the field and 3 lined up on the opposite sidelines (1 at the 50 & 1 at each 25). When on offense the sideline members can catch the ball. If it is a forward pass, the ball is down right where they catch it. If it is a backward pass, they can throw it again. When on defense, the sideline players will do waterfall burpees. Starting at the opposite endzone, the 1st person does a burpee then the 25 yd does one, then down the line until you reach the other endzone. Rise and repeat with 2 and so on until someone scores.
Once a team scores the 3 sideline players swap in and 3 new guys swap out.

Naked Man Moleskin: Not going to lie, that was pretty fun. I Want to shout out to Carmen for beating me in Fantasy and forcing me down to finally take part in the action. Also, REALLLLLLY thought we were going to get kicked off as track practice began and it’s something to watch out for in the future as they go and tell the football coaches that there were a bunch of old guys trying to play football on their field. But having the lights on was pretty awesome and brought back some old school memories of playing football on that field back when I was in high school. I’ve played a lot of snaps on that field but that was 19 years in the past. AHHH Nostalgia. But my body hurts more today than I remember it hurting back then, may have been the atomic back slap from G-String or the use of my body in a way that it just does not usually move. All in all a LOT of fun. We NEED more of this fun.

MVP - Vespa

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