With a lot of the PAX participating in the Spartan, YHC decided to step up and take the Q for the Hurt Locker. It had been awhile, so had to come up with something good to push those that decided to come out, especially with B0.0mtown on a hiatus.

Dates: 2019-10-05

Where: hurt_locker

QIC: Misty

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Miyagi, Lively, Dangle, X-Files, Rest Stop, Pitchfork, Misty

Warm-O-Rama: Put on the UGA fight song and moseyed down to the field. Circled up and got some leg stretches in, we're going to need it...

10 x weed pickers IC
10 x wind mills IC
Quadmires OYO

The Thang: With a medley of fight songs as the backdrop, I explained what we would be doing. With UGA playing UT this evening I only thought it would be fitting to take a look back at the history of this rivalry and get some work done at the same time. First, we would spring to the yard line of the highest scoring team's point total and mosey back to the end zone for the next step. If UGA won, then we would do the # of reps up to UGA's point total. If UT won, then we would do burpees. After seeing some of the point totals rather than go with their point total in bupees, I instead opted to just do the difference in score. Trust me, it still was enough to push the PAX. Here's how it went down for those that may not recall:

2001 - UGA (NR) vs UT (6); UGA 26 - UT 24 26 Gas pumps
2002 - UGA (6) vs UT (10); UGA 18 - UT 13 18 Os
2003 - UGA (8) vs UT (13); UGA 41 - UT 14 41 Dying cockroaches (rubicon count)
2004 - UGA (3) vs UT (17); UGA 14 - UT 19 5 Burpees (19-14)
2005 - UGA (5) vs UT (8); UGA 27 - UT 14 27 American Hammers
2006 - UGA (10) vs UT (13); UGA 33 - UT 51 18 Burpees (51-33)
2007 - UGA (12) vs UT (NR); UGA 14 - UT 35 21 Burpees (35-14)
2008 - UGA (10) vs UT (NR); UGA 26 - UT 14 26 WwII sit ups
2009 - UGA (NR) vs UT (NR); UGA 19 - UT 45 26 Burpees (45-19)
2010 - UGA (NR) vs UT (NR); UGA 41 - UT 14 41 Goof balls
2011 - UGA (NR) vs UT (NR); UGA 20 - UT 12 20 Side Straddle Hops
2012 - UGA (5) vs UT (NR); UGA 51 - UT 44 51 Starfish crunches
2013 - UGA (6) vs UT (NR); UGA 34 - UT 31 34 Imperial walkers
2014 - UGA (12) vs UT (NR); UGA 35 - UT 32 35 Crunchy frogs
2015 - UGA (19) vs UT (NR); UGA 31 - UT 38 7 Burpees (38-31)
2016 - UGA (25) vs UT (11); UGA 31 - UT 34 3 Burpees (34-31)
2017 - UGA (7) vs UT (NR); UGA 41 - UT 0 41 E2Ks
2018 - UGA (2) vs UT (NR); UGA 38 - UT 12 38 Merkins

I asked the PAX for predictions for the game today and all had UGA winning by various point spreads. Lucky for them that Kiffin wasn't present because if anyone had picked UT, then the group would have done burpees for the difference in the biggest point spread. Alas, we went with the highest point total that someone picked for UGA, which was Rest Stop at 48. He called the exercise and went with J Los.

Time was running short, so we moseyed back to the flag and did some LBCs to finish things out right on time!

COT: Prayers for Lively who may have pulled a muscle while simultaneously being on verge of merloting. Praying for those doing the Spartan, BEAR or other CSAUP events as well as those going about their day to day activities. Prayers for those on the DL, that haven't been out in awhile or that haven't yet found this awesome thing called F3 happening in our community and beyond. Praying for Earhardt and his soon to be 2.0.

Naked Man Moleskin: Lots of fun today. Was thrown off by Lively walking up by himself with his ruck on. He pointed out Quagmire running around the track, but as it struck 7:00 it became apparent he wasn't going to be joining us even though I think he would have enjoyed the UGA themed beatdown. Didn't think to ask who was there for B0.0mtown, but given there was no Q and no one asked to cover, it meant everyone was joining Hurt Locker on this fine Saturday. It was fun hearing everyone try to guess the various fight songs even if we weren't sure that they were all accurately labeled. YHC was worried about possibly having too much down time while announcing the scores, but the PAX assured me there wasn't enough! Great job this morning, gentlemen, and for those not there we missed you. As always it was a pleasure. Misty out!

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