11 entered the stadium to get stronger and have fun

Dates: 2019-11-02

Where: league

QIC: Panhandle

Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Panhandle, Nomad, Tie-Die, Po-Po, G-String, Ann Arbor, Rest Stop, Dosido, Geppetto, Pitchfork, Aquaman

Warm-O-Rama: Throw the disc around

The Thang: 5 on 6 - alternate the extra every 15 min or so, except the last rotation
Final 11-9!

COT: Prayers for NJ firefighters, Legionnaire’s Sister and Bethany

Naked Man Moleskin: Strong, fast and fun game today. Rest Stop and Aquaman bringing the physical game to ultimate! Rest Stop went after Po-po this morning instead of YHC, having a beautiful collision near the end zone! The cold definitely makes it harder to catch the disc. Lots of abnormal drops, making the game more interesting. Tie Die was playing D like a stud and knocked down or intercepted a ton of throws. Nomad laid out or slid for multiple points. Aquaman was a scoring machine early in as well. Po-po has easily the best touch on the field and great hands as well. Lots of great contested throws as well! Always on the edge of your seat when a higher one is thrown to see who comes down with it.
Had a coach join us for the CoT prayer
Man I love this AO!!!

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