Get the Friday party started with music routines… then some old memories of double session football drills. I found grass at the blacktop, but still no safe place for raccoon crawls.

Dates: 2019-09-06

Where: blacktop

QIC: Trill

Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names: Rachet, Narco, Turtle Head, Yukon Cornelius, Long Island, Smurfette, Lizard King, Showtime, Ditka, Spock, G-String, Jackalope, Panhandle, DigEm, Mandals, Brad Pitt, Trill

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Lizard King

Warm-O-Rama: 1/4 mile mosey around the very large parking lots (true distance is TBD)
Sun Gods OYO
10 Weed pickers IC
5 6-count burpees IC
10 LBFC's
20 oblique crunches each side
10 LBFC's
60 second elbow plank (true duration TNBD)

The Thang: A few music routines:
-Chumbaburpees, SSH while the 4 minute song plays (only god knows how many we did), burpee when you hear "I get knocked down" (27 I believe)
-Thunder Squats, chops (run in place) until you hear "Thunder" then you squat (91 times)
-Bodies hit the floor, hold a plank, donkey kick on "bodies hit the floor" ( a lot), merkin (a lot) on the "1,2,3,4" count.
-Black Snake Indian run (the six snakes their way in and out of the PAX to the front- Led by Showtime took us down the street and around the church. Burpees on the six, or run to pick up the six when you hear burpee on the six.
-Bear Crawl ROF, hold twice for 10 twisted mountain climbers IC.
-Crawl Bear ROF, hold twice for 10 plank jacks IC.
-Half- Way Jack Webb, went to 5 merkins and 20 air presses
-Bob Hurley (variation of), chops in place, touch ground on DOWN command, jump up with hands up like to catch a pass or block a kick on UP command. Mixed up the UPs and DOWN's and fast chops to up the intensity.

COT: -Prayers for G-String's aunt Kelly
-Long Island 6th man, another cool name that stems from the "most embarrassing time" question. Not sure why more FNG's don't want to answer that question.
-Announced Yukon Cornelius VQ at the APEX Monday; BE THERE
-Showtime explain how great the Flying V is on Tuesday's (not prompted by YHC)
-Oh and Ditka poaching on a Friday beatdown talking about another Friday beatdown.

Naked Man Moleskin: 5 6-count burpee IC, good on first 1, ok on 2, rep 3 getting bad, YHC totally off beat by 4, call it at 5. Cluster count, 5am brain just couldn't do it.
-Black snake Indian run, gotta love it, great agility exercise, not sure the origin of the name but it always makes me think of the movie "Black Snake Moan".
-Bodies hit the floor is harder than you would expect, as stated by Panhandle
-Tried so hard to get Smureffe to merlot his burrito he ate last night but instead almost merlot'd myself
-Bear Crawl ROF is a COT in it's own right, trusting that the PAX in front of you does let one rip in your face. Also made for some great mumblechatter.
-There is grass at the blacktop! Not much but it will do for this ass-less PAX always looking for a soft spot to land the tail bone.
-Wasn't sure of enough time for Jack Webs, with encouragement from Mandals, went for it. Got half way to get a taste of it, but need to spare some time for the intense Bob Hurley.
-Called out by Showtime to keep going and keep up with him on the Bob Hurley, throw all I had at him, threw up in my mouth a little, and realized I was in his element (my payback for the bear crawls).
-Blacktop PAX are strong, maybe because they wake up so early.

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