7 PAX present in the gloom for a beatdown that was being created as the morning went on. Everyone knows the best way to test is in production!

Dates: 2019-07-08

Where: vineyard

QIC: Westside

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Mouth 2 Mouth, BoSox, Tiny Tat, Narco, Doddy, Silverado, Westside

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey to square parking lot for:

10x Windmills
10x Imperial Walkers
OYO Sun Gods (Frontwards and Backwards)
OYO Michael Phelps

The Thang: 4 Corners

Using the square parking lot the PAX faced the high school and performed:

10x Burpees
Side Shuffle Left
20x Merkins
Run Forward
30x Squats
Side Shuffle Right
40x Monkey Humpers
Run Backwards

Held plank for the 6 and then we moseyed all the way around the school, up the Grapes of Wrath Hill to the Middle School bus lanes.

Clearing the Bus Lanes

Sometimes it just sounds better in your head. This was one of those times. PAX started at bus lane 27 to do 27x Star Jumps and then rand to bus lane 1 for 1 Big Boy Situp. PAX would run back to bus lane 26 for 26 Star Jumps and then bus lane 2 for 2 Big Boy situps. Rinsed and repeat until we met in the middle. At least, that was the plan. YHC ended up calling an audible and switched the Star Jumps and Big Boys around where the Big Boys counted down and the Star Jumps counted up. One last audible as we endexed this routine early in order to make our way back.

Moseyed around the school (yes, the long way) to the roundabout in between the high school and middle school for the experimentation portion of the beatdown. Had the PAX grab some real estate on the roundabout curb for a Jack Webb style routine. Holding plank on the curb the PAX performed 1x Merkin followed by 4x Plank walks to the right, then 2x Merkins followed by 8x Plank walks to the right. Rinse and repeat until 5x Merkins and 20x Plank walks to the right. This one needs a little rework, but was otherwise a good one.

Short mosey to the high school parking lot for the last routine. The PAX lined up under the canopy for 7's (Crunchy Frogs and Big Boy Situps). The catch, from one side of the parking lot to the next the PAX would Plank Walk. Starting with 6 Crunchy Frogs and then plank walking to the other side for 1 Big Boy until we ran out of time and moseyed back to the flag.

Made it back to the flag just at 0615, whew! That was a trek.

COT: Name-o-rama, praises, prayers, and announcements

Naked Man Moleskin: Not bad for a last minute Q, but some of the items need a little adjustments. Awesome to see some new faces in the gloom this morning, too. Great to put a face to the name, Narco. Had a great discussion about getting some newer PAX to step up and other ways to make our region stronger. Don't be afraid to step up to Q or to take a routine. It's never to early and you'll only get better. Mouth 2 Mouth has been killing it as Site Q! Can't wait for more. SYITG!

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