The kettlebells when on a field trip today! Upright rows anyone? Thanks to the Thunder we got 91 in under 3 minutes. And bacon and eggs at the end, not referring the annoying Ariana Grande song, no, thanks to some awesome HIMS we had real bacon and eggs surprise at at cofferia.

Dates: 2019-07-10

Where: forge

QIC: Trill

Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: AOL, Gotti, Mandals, Dawgleg, MaBell, Tiny Tat, Beater, Lexi, Mouth 2 Mouth, Silverado, Sgt Slaughter, Spock, Trill, Dory, Hasbro

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey with your kettlebells across parking lot to front of HS
Sun god OYO
Michael Phelps OYO
Toi Soldiers 4-count IC to 10

The Thang: Imagine Dragons Thunder song on my poop emoji, calf raise with bell while song plays, upright row every time you hear the lyric Thunder (91 times)
Mosey with bells to the practice field
Four corners on the field around pre-set cones for two rounds...
-1st round 15 kettle swings, 10 sit-up press, 5 (ea arm) overhead press at every corner. Method of travel to each corner was crawl bear dragging / slinging your bell.
-2nd round, 20 mountain climbers on bell, 15 plank jack on bell, 10 bell pikes at each corner, method of travel was bear crawl forward drag / sling. LBC's on the 6.
-Mosey back to the flag carrying the bells
-flutterkicks on 6 then short kettlebell Indian run to pick up 6.
-less than a minute left, kettle shoulder raise until time ran out

COT: 6th man, the not so mean but very lean Tiny Tat. True HIM amongst HIMS, been plugged into F3 since June 2018.
Prayers for F3 men and their families to live prosperous and healthy lives.

Announced monthly 5k challenge on Friday, and trail run Saturday morning.

Naked Man Moleskin: -Thunder thunder thunder; 91 upright row with the bell is painstakingly fun way to start out the Thang.
-running or mosey with kettlebells is a game changer, adding / carrying weight with the run was taxing, had to be done though because crawlbears and bearcrawls dragging a kettlebell across concrete is not good so we ventured to the field to get-r-done.
-Big shout out to Dory and Hasbro coming off the DL bench, traveling south, and saying no sad clown syndrome for me; these HIMS came out in the gloom with a mobile kitchen and hooked up some mean coffee, bacon and eggs for all the PAX.

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