No time for chatter. Let’s go flush some fire hydrants.

Dates: 2019-07-09

Where: castle_black

QIC: Aisle 7

Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Floppy, Banjo, Dixie Chick, Playdough, Earhart, Homeboy, C4, Mickey, Aisle 7

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Cameron. (Dirty Bird)

Warm-O-Rama: Quick mosey around parking lot.
SSH- 15
Michael Phelps- OYO
Sun Gods- OYO

The Thang: The PAX began the route that included (3) miles and approx. (24) fire hydrants around the big city of Ball Ground. The objective was to flush each fire hydrant by doing (5) burpees and (5) shoulder taps, totally (120) each.

COT: Continued prayers for the health of family members and unspoken prayers.

Naked Man Moleskin: 1St Welcome FNG- Cameron (Dirty Bird). I apologize I didn’t catch your last name. You were awesome today! Come back to the gloom of something different each day all around Cherokee Co.

When a July slot opened for my second Q I knew what would be planned for the next beatdown. Most of the Castle Black PAX have been around the great gloom of Ball Ground and have become familiar with running most of the side streets to the smell of biscuits and bacon grease in the near distance. Today was no different other than the YHC had planned to run a little (3 miles) and “flush fire hydrants”. The flush included (5) burpees (5) shoulder taps per fire hydrant, for a total of (120) burpees and (120) shoulder taps.
The YHC went back and forth between deciding to do burpees or all merkins for the (3) miles and (24) fire hydrants ahead. Would we have enough time? Who was I kidding these guys are BEAST! I couldn’t keep up and could barely yell loud enough to direct the front PAX to the next hydrant.
I had run the route for mileage, double checked the number of hydrants on the route, google map street views and only estimated the time it would take to complete the burpees and shoulder taps. I’m not going to lie by the 6th fire hydrant I wanted to be the 6…. But that’s why I joined f3 Cherokee to see guys who destroy these crazy beatdowns and continue to push me to make me stronger physically and spiritually. The PAX finished back to CoT at 6:16.
Great work guys.
My first Goruck Tough event, a team of (25) had to clear fire hydrants that represent an IED. Over 12 hours and (20) miles of rucking we had to clear all hydrants (Burpees with weighted rucks). If we missed any hydrants it represented a casualty and repercussions / a post beatdown would be waiting for us at 9am the following morning. We missed a few.... Good times await.
Just my two cents….. Those who are signed up for the GrowRuck or any other Goruck events, take advantage of any training involving rucks, logs, bear crawls, farmer carries, buddy carries, etc. You will need it! Ruck with required weight or more (without injury, BE SMART).
This stuff is addictive!
-Aisle 7

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