YHC has traveled around Cherokee County quite a bit this summer. Today’s stop is The Lions Den. Time to quiz the folks near Pineappleville about F3.

Dates: 2019-08-22

Where: lions_den

QIC: The Mole

Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Dizzy, Brady Bunch, Mohawk, Einstein, Popup, Nets, Oliver, Rembrandt, Fleetwood, Lucky Charms, Blackhawk, Hartford, Spanx, Rug Burn, The Mole

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey down the hill to carpool area. SSH - Weed Pickers - Windmill

The Thang: Call out Site Q, Fleetwood.
"What is the Mission of F3?"
Fleetwood replies, "to invigorate male community leadership."
"Nope..... 5 burpees........ Fleetwood, would you like to add to or amend your answer?"
"That's all I got."
"Okay.... 5 more burpees......... Lucky Charms, what is the mission of F3?"
LC says, "I would say the same thing as Fleetwood."
"Okay.... 5 more burpees.....

The men of Lions Den have left off important pieces of the Mission Statement. The end goal of F3 does involve invigorating male community leadership. However, there are important pieces of the mission which F3 uses to accomplish this goal.
YHC informed the PAX, "The mission of F3 is to PLANT, SERVE, and GROW small workout groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership."

To mimic Plant, Serve, and Grow we partnered up.
25 Bropees - to plant something you must be close to the ground
25 Partner Rows - serving one another via partner rows.
25 Star Jumps - to mimic growth. All growing things either grow up or out. Hence Star Jumps.
(YHC was odd man out and didn't have a partner. Still performed burpees, LBCs, and Star Jumps)

YHC asked for a volunteer to handle the Credo or Motto of F3. He had nothing.
5 more burpees.
Asked the PAX in general and YHC finally heard "leave no man behind, leave no man where you find him."

Yep.... so we will partner carry around the carpool lane. switch and repeat.
(Since YHC did not have a partner so bear crawled down carpool lane and Lunge walked back.)

To the basketball courts for the Death Star.
Hit each corner of court plus the middle of the end of the court for six "corners".
At each corner perform 30 merkins.
Duck walk to and from corner. when return to middle do 10 SSH

On the way back to the flag we stopped at the bottom of the hill and planked with our feet on the curb.
At QIC's signal everyone sprinted up the hill. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat again.

Back at the flag for 4 minutes of Mary. TABATA style.
20 seconds Rosalitas - 10 seconds rest
20 second elbow plank - 10 seconds rest.
Repeat for 4 minutes.

COT: Nets was 6th man and shared about his family and how he ended up in Georgia.
Fleetwood mentioned prayers for our M's and 2.0's.

Naked Man Moleskin: The Lions Den is a great AO with a lot of growth and excitement. It is always a place to be when YHC posts there. However, YHC thinks it would behoove the Site Q's to brush up on the F3 Mission, Motto, and Core Principles. Talk about these more. Remind each other why we are even out there in the gloom sweating our butts off. Because ultimately, it's not even really about getting in shape. Sometimes we just need those reminders.
As always, YHC is humbled to be with the men of TLD. Fleetwood is a true HIM which YHC looks up to. Keep up the good work men.

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