NBA Free Agency started Sunday June 30 and inspired our beatdown

Dates: 2019-07-12

Where: oz

QIC: Vespa

Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Bo Peep, Pookie, Vespa

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: William Phillip Thomas II, 2.0 (Lego)

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey around the circle to the right sight of the building
25 SSH
10 Weed Pickers
15 Butt Kicks
15 High Knees

The Thang: Mosey to the front of the building in the lower parking area

In honor of Wilt Chamberlain, the only person to score 100 points in a game:
Wilt Chamberlains
-100 LBC's followed by 100 meter sprint
-100 Bobby Hurley's (squat, slap the ground, spring up to a jump shot)-followed by 100 meter sprint
-100 Flutter Kicks followed by 100 meter sprint
-100 Jump Ropes followed by 100 meter sprint
Plank for the 6

3-50 meter Cariocas
5 sets of square defensive stance slides (shuffle in defensive stance 15 ft to the right, sprint 15 feet forward, shuffle in defensive stance 15ft to the left, sprint 15 ft backwards, rest of PAX is holding air squat in between their turns)

Mosey back to the right side of the building.

Dwight Howards-100 standing jumps to touch the top of the roof line (simulating grabbing a rebound)

6-Shuffle suicides (defensive shuffle)

23's (my version of 21's to honor the GOAT, LeBron James, only one set because the PAX stopped exactly on 23)

20-Cheerleaders (4 count squat jacks)

Black Snake (Indian Run with the back of the PAX weaving in between the main group up to the front, all the around the lower parking area, to the street level and back to the flag)

1 minute plank
15-American Hammers
15-Crunchy Frogs
1 minute Air Squat

COT: Pookie brought up Aunt Diane going through another round of chemo
Bo Peep's wife is 35 weeks pregnant, so any day now

Naked Man Moleskin: Brought my son today. He was begging me to come one morning. He hung tough for most of the workout. I have to acknowledge how proud I am of him. Even now writing this, I am smiling with pride.

I wonder if is how God looks at us when we are given a tough assignment, persevere through, and complete it?

I think so 🙂

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