Oh, she was staring at my nipples.

Dates: 2019-03-06

Where: ruck

QIC: Hooch

Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Gut Check, Lexi, Trust Fall, Hooch

Warm-O-Rama: DTW, Northside Cherokee Amphitheater, 9pm Wednesday, March 6 and it's time to ruck. We looked like a GoRuck photo shoot with our new F3 Cherokee Southside Ruck Flag and Lexi's chestnut brown, 83 lb. labradoodle, Winston (fairly close resemblance to Monster). Gut Check circled back to the Pathfinder four or five times for various commodities, and then we were finally off into the woods on the shortest trail in Woodstock.

The Thang: Set out to complete a 10K (6.2 mi) and ended up with 6.7 mi on a big loop through Woodstock Knoll, up Ridgwalk, end to end on Woodstock Parkway, and a circuitous route paralelling Towne Lake Parkway to return for a COT.

COT: We are praying for our brother whose communicate with the M is a little edgy and for all of us to swallow our pride and speak the truth in love, around the house and everywhere we go.

Naked Man Moleskin: Random woman [corner of Linton and Dean]: "Hey, excuse me... what are you guys doing?"
Gut Check [backtracks and gently explains]: "Ma'am, we're doing this thing called 'rucking'. It's exercising by walking with a weighted pack."
Random woman: "Oh! Goodness, I thought you were from the fire department! We were a little worried, since our kids were home with a babysitter."
At this point, it was good that Gut Check was the spokesman. He deftly avoided all sarcasm and wit and just politely laughed it off. YHC was dying with laughter inside. Look, lady. I realize we're reflective. But the fire department? Seriously? 🙂 That thar is funny. Inside my head, I'm thinking, "ma'am, Woodstock has a level 1 fire department who generally does not arrive on foot with a flag and a dog". But we got a good laugh out of it.

Then there was the lady who stopped us in Woodstock Knoll and said we looked pretty strange with our headlamps coming at her, and that's why she stopped. Had a nice long chat with Gut Check (have I mentioned he's the spokesman elect?), who later realized (or imagined fancifully) that the woman wasn't just reading his T-shirt, but in his exact words, "oh, now I see. She was staring at my nipples! They're hard as rocks and about to cut two holes through my shirt."

These rucks are so much fun. We feel the good burn, strengthening our upper and lower bodies, all while getting to talk to one another (and perfect strangers who say some hilarious things as they form a category for "ruckers" and don't freak out next time they see us) and get in some good zone 2-3 cardio.

Shooting for at least one night-ruck per month on the southside. Invite yer buddies, bring your high-endurance dog, and let's enjoy some miles. Best of times, men. Thankful.


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