Coupon circuit with some photography action.

Dates: 2019-09-30

Where: apex

QIC: Chops

Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Scamper, Brad Pitt, Brady Bunch, SnotRocket, Ditka, Yukon Cornelius, Jack Bauer, Chops

Warm-O-Rama: Mozy down to the corner. IC SSH x 10, WeedPicker x10, Imperial Walkers x 10, Annie x 10, and maybe Sungods...

The Thang: YHC bought out his batch of dumbbells, and aligned them on the sidewalk down at the middle school lot along with two columns of pain. Selecting from a range of dumbbell weight variety then work the two columns. Column 1 was the exercise, column 2 was the method of carry of the dumbbell. Route is down to the end of the bus lane with 10x the column 1 exercise on each end before transitioning to next collection. Exercises: Merkins, BBS, Monkey Humpers, Pickle Pointers, Flutter Kicks, Dips, Squats, Burpees. Carries: Skull Crusher, SuitCase, Overhead, Chest, Curls, Shrugs, Lateral. Finished the rounds well within time, and some took an extra lap. Back to the flag with some PAX taking 2 sets of dumbbells to help YHC get them back in the truck.

COT: Ditka mentioned father with two babies having medical ailments. Prayers for the father to turn to Christ. Thanks for health to exercise and F3.

Naked Man Moleskin: Tough return from Fall break. I think many PAX were feeling it as the mumblechatter was minimal. I know YHC was feeling it. Exile rolled in dressed for civilian duties but brought coffee & flag like the HIM he is. He also setup his fancy camera gear and got some cool shots of the PAX in action. Thanks for finding an angle to keep my gut out of the frame my man! Appreciate Jack Bauer pacing me the whole time, and we even got a grimace photo worth sharing. I'm always amazed at the level of fitness. Scamper was booking it around that lap, and so was Brad Pitt... killer fitness. Great PAX at the Apex, and thank goodness we didn't get run over by the middle school basketball tryout parents rolling in. Much thought was given to poor parents who didn't know where to even drop the kids off... gonna be a long week for them.

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