Guys who complain during the mosey are subject to more running

Dates: 2019-10-11

Where: Blacktop

QIC: LuckyCharms

Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Doddy, Nesquick, Showtime, Tiny Tat, Mandals, Exile, Depends, Ratchet, LuckyCharms

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Depends

Warm-O-Rama: Let’s run around the parking lot and wait for someone to complain. What do you know - mandals made a pineapple comments so we ran some more.
Circle up

The Thang: Millenials - while exploring the grounds
First the hill
100 reps OYO - first man to finish stands and we all follow down the hill and back up
Flutter kicks
Overhead claps
Money humpers
Relocate to front of church on Ridgewalk parkway - start on steps run down to the 9 steps to nowhere and back
Overhead press
Relocate to parking lot
3 more reps and a big lap after each
Shoulder taps
Back to the flag
3 minutes of Mary
Mandals calls American hammers
Tiny Tat calls crab cakes
545am on the dot - we done

COT: Prayers for Depends as he shared his story and like most married men - being in that valley and working towards getting back to the top of the hill. Prayers for showtime and his daughters birthday party.

Naked Man Moleskin: The blacktop is a great space. So much to explore. I had every intention of getting to the Costco lot but failed.
A few highlights and lowlights from the day-
*i never thought Mandals would be the first to complain about running, but he sure was the first to make a pineapple crack during the long mosey
*Exile has an infatuation with weed pickers and made some pretty R rated noises as we leaned over for our first set.
*FNG Depends shared some great stuff about himself and landed with a pretty safe name taking into consideration he might have tried to solve the age old riddle - does a bear crap in the woods.
*doddy brought coffee, not sure how it ranks in the F3 coffee charts but hey, Mandals wants his coffee so he makes sure someone brings it
*showtime told me great Q. Not sure he smiled yet, but baby steps - we are getting there.
*ratchet and I bump into each other all over town, he runs hard, not a lot of mumble chatter - the perfect pax member!
*i’m still unsure if tiny tat is all human - he only stayed behind me during the mosey cause he had no clue where I was headed, once he knew his destination - see ya!
*nice to meet ya nesquick, pretty sure you were getting out of your car when the clock struck 5am and Exile asked who the Q was and I took off running, my bad bro

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