A Chancellor Q at The League means one thing, and that’s lots of running.

Dates: 2019-09-04

Where: league

QIC: Chancellor

Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Ann Arbor, Carmen SanDiego, Pitchfork, 8-bit, Cricket, Fuzzy, Wild Thing, Grylls, Ditka, G-String, Nomad, Almost, Panhandle, Garfield, Chancellor

Warm-O-Rama: Stall for a bit until Fuzzy gets there with the pennies. Divide into teams. Introduce the game, give vague instructions, and welcome PAX that are first-timers to The League.

We're back to dual-sport ultimate with a football and frisbee / disc in play at the same time. Leads to a lot of running and interplay between groups, so we're doing it again.

Pennies got +1 players on the shirts team.

The Thang: 15 PAX and two objects in motion made for a lot of running. There were a LOT of long-bombs and lots of dropped balls. YHC should probably have thought through the process of having the losers sprint to the other side of the field because it reversed field direction. We corrected that in motion.

In the end, the pennies won because, well, they scored more. YHC heard from some PAX that said they were tired at the end. Which, if you ask me, is kind of the point. I guess that makes us all winners, huh?

MVP: Nomad. Almost forgot the trophy morning of, but he has since hand-delivered it to our new MVP, thereby avoiding the FUBAR flag. He Almost remembered to bring it.

COT: A couple recent cancer diagnoses among PAX family and friends. Prayers for wisdom for doctors and healing.

Go join Ditka at Kings Academy for his obstacle course starting 0500 on Fridays on Sept 13.

Naked Man Moleskin: Probably should have given better instructions, but that's an iterative process. If everyone was perfect, how much fun would it be? That's why I stay imperfect. Keeps me humble and keeps PAX guessing.

Speaking of keeping me humble and keeping PAX guessing:

While referring to the F3 Lexicon this week, a term rose to my attention with which I was not previously aware. The term, Cerveza Salute is defined, in technical terms, as "During a VQ, after the COT, a celebratory beer salute performed by the PAX by each Brother enjoying a cold one. (Usually Budweiser.)"

All I want to say is I didn't get a Cerveza Salute, and neither has anyone since I started. Y'all have been fartsacking on the Cerveza Salute, and I intend to change that.

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