When I saw that there was an open spot for The Buff (which is nothing new) I decided it was time to come back and swing around a kettlebell for a morning. Unfortunately, as I inched closer to this morning my neck is was starting to get stiff and sore and all though I REALLY wanted to pass the Q off, I already saw Manning post it out there to the channel that I was Qing. Accountability being what it is I was pot committed at this point and had no choice but to grab my small bell and make it happen. I’m glad I did too. With a large contingent of the oldtimers and the additions of a few awesome (all be it quiet) additions, The Buff felt like an early Kodiak beatdown, minus the good lighting.

Dates: 2019-10-08

Where: buff

QIC: Babyface

Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Lawdog, The Mole, Cricket, Manning, Homeboy, Alcoa, Mickey, Einstein, & Babyface

Warm-O-Rama: Stay where we are and knock out a few IC Weed Pickers, SSH, & Imperial Walkers before going for a quick mosey. What we lacked in headlamps and light for the mosey we more than made up for in complaining, good times.

The Thang: We started with a set of On the minute every minute of 5 Kettlebell swings and +1 Burpee, which after the first round turned into +2 Burpees just to ensure that we didn’t lack on the complaining since we were now adding ODD NUMBERS!!!! AHHHHH! After I know one finished the round of 15 we took off for another mosey around the school (this time with added head lamps).
Next round of On the minutes we knocked out increasing KB Cleans (each arm) and 5 Merkins. Again quick modification after one of the 1st rounds to hand release merkins to make sure everyone got good an low on the merkins. I can’t remember exactly how many we got to, but it was probably around 60 since we all did Iron Pax math.
After a few guys were a little pre-mature on the mosey idea, we went WITH our KBs to the backside of the school for 6’s of KB Press & Derkins at the bottom of the hill. Come back to the parking lot when done for a little Mary led by some Redwoods.

COT: Prayers/Praise for Alcoa and his M
Prayers for the youth group boys Manning is working with

Naked Man Moleskin: Seriously, I didn’t want to go this morning. That happens from time to time even for me. But damn it was great out there in the gloom today. Thanks for making the morning better fellas.

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